I’m not sure whether to carry on with the monthly posts…

I think you should.


Because they’re fun to read, lots of little snippets.

Is it alright to do February’s on the sixth of March though?

I don’t know, I think so, but I haven’t read the rules.

Ha! Ok, so I’m taking their word for it. Here goes….

Making: my third washcloth in last year’s series from Garlene of The Kitchen Sink Shop. This is called Double Dutch. I could manage one set of repeats at a time, 10 rows, before my hand started to warn me it was really, seriously, No, I MEAN IT, it’s time to stop!

Cooking: a lot of white sauces. I made fish pie several times, a beef lasagne and a cheesy topped gratin of leeks, smoked lardons and chicken. Comforting comfort food, which went well with the wild February weather

Reading: so many good books! February included the soothing stories that are Jenny Colgan’s Mure series: An Island Christmas and Christmas at the Island Hotel, both perfect comfort reads, Free Love by Tessa Hadley and The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell. I’d waited months for the last and finally got the ebook from BorrowBox the library app. It didn’t disappoint

Sipping: Tanqueray, our first bottle in a while and a bit of a pause from Craft Gins. Although I did get February’s box which had a Berkshire London Dry Style gin. Very pretty bottle and label

Here’s my referral code for Craft Gin Club. If you’re in the UK you can order a box with £20 off (free delivery.) There’s no obligation to order any other boxes. I’ve shared this before and people have used it, so may as well again

Waiting: for more of the garden to wake up, there’s a lot of colour, even in February

The garden was absolutely carpeted with these purple croci by mid-month, lovely

Looking: at the stark beauty of the trees and bare hedgerows

Listening: to birdsong when Storm Dudley, Eunice and then Frank had gone. I really felt for the tiny garden birds and wondered how they managed to cling on in the face of 75mph winds

Wishing: for dry days so the mud dried and walks were easier

By the end of this new 6 mile circular my walking trainers were no longer pink and grey…

Enjoying: Blue skies. Cold and wind are ok if accompanied by beautiful colour like on this day’s walk

Appreciating: Traditions like Shrove Tuesday, seeing friends’ pancake pics on a WhatsApp group and popping up on Facebook

Eating: English crepe style pancakes with lemon juice & castor sugar and American style fluffy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Liking: The Tuckers. I appreciate Welsh humour, being a massive fan of Gavin and Stacy and enjoying Stella. The Tuckers ticks the boxes: Does it make me laugh? Do I like the characters?

Loving: Russian Doll on Netflix, only 3 episodes in so far but wow it’s good. Glad to see there’s another series in the offing soon

Fish pie, balsamic roasted plum tomatoes and steamed tenderstem broccoli

Buying: a new walking raincoat. When you take off your jacket and reveal two large circles on your t-shirt, it is fairly embarrassing. That was the only area(s) no longer waterproof, despite having a try at reproofing

Managing: to tick things off the ever expanding list of things to do. There are a few things which I do not want to do, but they WILL be tackled in March

Watching: for signs of Spring as March 1st approached

Hoping: for peace, it was not to be. I’m so sorry for the people of Ukraine. And my heart also goes out to their family and friends in other countries who are waiting anxiously to hear from them and watching the News. It’s really scary for us all. Please give to one of the many charities who are raising money to support Ukraine. Here’s a link for UNICEF, but there are many. Pick one please and donate

Wearing: scruffs and blue socks with white spots

Noticing: how naff it feels to write the above about Ukraine, then describe my socks. I’ve been astounded at the number of bloggers who are not writing anything about it, no mention at all. Then this morning (March but…) I read my friend Phil’s Blue and Yellow blog post and noticed my shoulders dropped. So relieved to read a post which doesn’t feel like the writer has their fingers in their ears, going lalalalalalala

Following: lots of cooking accounts on Instagram, more and more. I like the dinner inspo, though actually rarely follow their recipes. Love the little reels filmed over a mixing bowl or chopping board. Watching snippets as someone kneads, mixes, chops or peels is so relaxing. Alex Hollywood, Anna’s Family Kitchen and 5 O’Clock Apron are some of my faves. Anyone you want to recommend?

Sorting: egg boxes for my cousin

A few stitches out of whack on the last repeat, I see looking at the photo. I was listening to Julie Walters audio book, no cider was involved. It’s a washcloth; so no need to undo. I will fight my perfectionist tendencies

Getting: appointments booked in for March

Coveting: chocolate, the weather in February boosted sales of nutty chocolate. Bars from M&S, Cadbury and there’s a gorgeous dark or milk chunky hazelnut one by Lindt

Feeling: round, ahem, it was the above

Hearing: nothing much by the end of the stormy week, I appreciated the peace


How are you doing?

8 thoughts on “February

  1. Thank you for the post, your pictures are lovely! Thanks also for sharing the link of the “Blue and Yellow” on your friend’s blog. I also appreciate it when people don’t pretend nothing is happening. With Ukraine almost “round the corner”, all of it feels both surreal and painfully real. We also have many accounts where people can donate money. To be honest, the huge wave of solidarity is one of the two positive things I can see about this. The second is the unity of the European countries.

  2. I guess I am one of the bloggers who doesn’t mention Ukraine, not because I don’t care, but anything I say sounds trite, and some bloggers sound as if they are boasting and showing off about how good they are, donating bags of second hand clothes, or having fun knitting blankets. Much better as you say to donate money to aid organisations. Then the bible says to donate privately and not with a great show of look how wonderful I am. Sadly for me I am also distracted by another family member having cancer and an old school friend dying from a heart attack. All is not well in the world, and it’s hard even for a born optimist to stay positive. Thought provoking post.

    • I don’t think there would be an issue of sounding trite. I believe it is important to acknowledge what’s going on. Otherwise it feels as if some have their fingers stuck in their ears frantically lalalalaing. All it needs is a sentence, anything, but not nothing from people. It’s not boasting about giving, and a link to the DEC or any of a host of individual charities might prompt someone to donate some money. It’s also not about ‘look how wonderful I am’; it’s expressing solidarity with millions of people who are so near to us in Europe, only several hours flight away in fact.

      Donations in return for crocheting or knitting hearts and sunflowers and other home-made items are people doing the best they can to support Ukraine. I don’t think it’s about their having fun or showing off, that seems mean-spirited, I think it’s about utilising their crafty talents and using any publicity they can garner through social media to acknowledge what’s happening and to raise funds.

      One American has been accused of writing about politics and been told by a reader to ‘stick to writing about yarn’. Her responses on Instagram have been fabulous and actually very informative about Ukraine. If anyone is interested, her name is Clara Parkes.

      Actually; Frantiska in the comment above puts it far more gracefully and succinctly than I.

      I’m sorry you and people around you are having a hard time, that you have lost someone and I send best wishes.

  3. I love your posts, they are very thoughtful and full of good ideas. The world is in a very sad state and we can only hope for an early end to all this upset. My heart goes out to them all.

  4. I’ve been better. These posts help cheer me up though. I go back and reread them when I’m feeling down. I lost my grandfather this past week and the burial was yesterday. So much tragedy, it’s getting harder to bear. But like I said these posts help out quite a bit. That and sewing. I cannot knit or crochet anymore due to a nerve issue putting my hands to sleep five minutes in but sewing helps and requires less of me. :) hope you and yours are doing well. -Kris

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