The Good Things

I’ve just seen this on Facebook and thought it too good not to share. Thank you to whoever had this great idea/posted the photo.

I’m going to do this but might use a notebook with post-its stuck in randomly so I don’t read them as I go.
On 31st December I’m going to enjoy reading about all The Good Things that happened. :-D

Here’s to 2013!


21 thoughts on “The Good Things

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  2. :) I have a post it stuck on my desk to remind me to find a jar for this! I saw it on Facebook too. It’s such a fun idea. Thanks for the extra reminder, I’m gonna go find a jar….

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  5. I love this idea – I have started one for my daughter Rosie. I’m adding all those wonderful Rosie moments so she can read them when she is older :)

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  11. That is a wonderful thing to do – it would certainly encourage us to be more appreciative and thankful for the daily blessings that we tend to overlook due to the busy-ness of our days. Thank you for sharing. Joy

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