My German aunty and cousins came over to visit when I was quite small and brought me a Sindy doll. One rainy English day they crocheted clothes with scraps of wool, without a single pattern, and very quickly Sindy had a huge wardrobe. After that I really, really wanted to learn to crochet. I was given The Ladybird Book of Crochet and tried hard to master it. It wasn’t to be, partly because the drawings were all for right-handers. I did get the hang of chains but that was it.

Years later I suddenly decided I’d have another go and so, in 2011, I studied crochet magazines, books, videos and blogs like my life depended on it. This time I wasn’t stopping until I’d cracked it. I crocheted in the car, first thing in the morning, in hotels on holiday and long into the night – I was a woman obsessed.

I started my blog on New Year’s Eve 2011 as a way to keep an online journal of my progress, enthusiasm and to connect with others. It’s evolved into a blog showing the things I create, cook and grow, and the places I visit, mostly here in England.

I’ve begun to add my designs to Ravelry.

Thank you for reading!

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I found your blog through ravelry – the We Love Lucy group, and I love your blog! You and Lucy are REALLY making me wish I lived in England! I just started my blog today but would love for you to check it out! Cheers!

  2. I dont do a lot on the computer but I found your blog through looking at that brave woman knitting at the tennis. I love knitting and mending things and am just making a little room of my own so will tag your blog as a favourite and keep an eye on you!

  3. Hello, just spend a lovely half hour browsing through your blog while my kids are distracted by Charlie and Lola. It’s so nice a fresh looking. Your photos are great. And of course I love to read about crochet! Are you on Twitter?

  4. I’m also a left hander searching for patterns that I can crochet. Since I am now a grandmother, it’s an absolute must! I appreciate any help possible, to help find books, patterns or tutorials .
    Thank You!

  5. Hi, I love your blog. I do not crochet, but I have knitted in the past and present. Mostly I cross stitch. Like you I have several projects on the go keeps the mind active. I also liked Winnie the Pooh growing up and still do and have just purchased the book “Goodbye Christopher Robin” Film has same title. Hope it’s good.

  6. Hi! I can’t crochet or anything but I like your blog and your photos. I love England so love any pictures you include. It’s chilly here as well (here= in Prague), we were at minus 15 yesterday morning so this morning’s minus 6 seemed “warm”. :) Best of luck and let’s hope spring is on its way!

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