Lots of yellow & grey

Gah! And this is why I should never crochet while drinking cider.

I realised that the stitch count was really off in the section with the stitch marker, but in my tipsy wisdom did quite a few decrease stitches to get the it right. Then I carried on going around and around. In the morning I realised I’d have to rip it all back, in an acknowledgment that it’s not my way of doing things. I’m a perfectionist and those rogue stitches would forever bug me.

The blanket was pretty large, so it took A LOT of unraveling and winding yarn. I undid the whole yellow section. Once again…Gah!

I keep thinking I should be at expert level now, these kind of silly mistakes where I have 17 stitches in all other sections and find 22 in another should not be happening…it was definitely the cider.

The Chevron Cowl made it up to the NE coast, just in the nick of time! I offered it to friends and Safron jumped at it. Of course she’s perfect for it; she never shies away from wearing bright colours, plus always looks great in yellow. Doesn’t it match perfectly with her grey beanie too?

We’ve been battered by the weather since last week. We had Storm Dudley on Wednesday, followed by Eunice on Friday, with 75 mph winds and then Frank on Sunday with 60mph winds and very heavy rainfall. There are trees and branches down, but luckily nothing worse. I did wonder if the conservatory roof would lift off at one point. It’s still intact, thank goodness.

I think (and hope) that’s it now. The morning is calm and sunny, so far. It’s half term around here and parents are breathing a sigh of relief to be out and about again. I can hear the birds for the first time in days. They must be ravenous. How does a little robin or wren withstand 70+mph wind? They must go deep into foliage and hide?

Thursday really was the calm in between the storms, fortunately we managed to get out and do a new 6 mile circular walk. With an unplanned pub lunch in the middle. Anything more than a snack was probably a mistake. There were still steep hills to walk up, to loop back to the starting point, but I enjoyed being out for lunch very much. At least I could keep pausing to ‘take photos of the view’ while not fooling either of us.

Aren’t those aconites beautiful? The leaves are such an unusual shape, sort of rectangular. They were next to a huge clump of snowdrops near to where I parked the car.

I wonder what the aconites look like now? The garden here is full of croci and surprisingly they haven’t been flattened. The Christmas tree went over in it’s very heavy concrete pot early on when Storm Eunice arrived. A huge clonk and then bumps and bangs, as rolled back and forth whacking into the side of the house. We had to run out and rescue it, into the safety of the garage. It was wild out there. Scary, but exhilarating too. The rest of the time it’s felt like Lockdown, taking advice to stay indoors and stay safe, out of the risk of falling trees and flying debris.

I was on a FaceTime call during Storm Eunice and saw a fat pigeon being blown sideways in the wind. That was pretty funny.

The other week I swapped a novel for this Mollie Makes Crochet book at an exchange. It’s fairly basic, aimed at beginner crocheters, but it has some little things I might make.

My poinsettia lost 90% of it’s leaves, as I suspected it would, so now the cyclamen takes its place. Something red this time of year makes a darkish corner a bit brighter and cheerful.

Are you reading a good book? I’m gripped by the latest from Lisa Jewell. I’ve waited months for it from BorrowBox the library app and it’s not disappointing. I read about half in a day. Book details here on GoodReads.

If you’re in the UK did you come through the storms unscathed? Maybe you’ve got snow or floods, or are sweltering in heat?

10 thoughts on “Lots of yellow & grey

  1. I absolutely understand your crochet woes. I finished my patchwork blanket then decided it was too long and too thin. Too late! The strips are bordered and sewn together – then I decided just to unpick the outside border and add one more strip.
    . . .and I agree, the aconites are lovely. (Storm Eunice? Storm Dudley? I just stayed indoors while trees toppled and the waves invaded the Sea Front.)

  2. I only correct mistakes when they show. Can’t see where they are on the blanket but the stitches are very clear to see so I can understand why you had to rip it back. With the coat I am making for my daughter it’s so hard to see the stitches anyway that I’ve told her not to tell me if she sees a mistake!
    Three storms is a lot in a week isn’t it. One of my ridge tiles has been dislodged but the garden looks okay. Lots of trees down on The Common though. Had to climb over a few when we went for a walk on Sunday.
    The cowl looks very good on your friend. Grey and yellow do seem to be your go to colours at present.

    • I can’t bear knowing that they’re there, ignorance is bliss! But yes, apart from knowing it was fudged I thought I might spot them in photos. I doubt the future (surprise) recipient would notice, but it would really bug me.

      What a shame. I expect a lot of those trees were old too?

      Grey and yellow because I had a sack of Paintbox Chunky sent by a PR company in 2020 for LoveCrafts website. I chose the colours for a larger blanket, but then found it was too complex for my sore hand so simplified things to make the Star Blanket. I’m so glad I chose the greys, mustard and a little black as it’s good to do something different. Love the chunky yarn too. It works up so quickly and despite being acrylic it’s very warm and soft.

    • Surprisingly apart from the tree, the only pot that went over was one with sage in it. Even the plastic saucer with water for the birds, cats (and mouse!) stayed in place. High hedges take a bit of maintenance, but I’m thankful for them.

      They are indeed, I just wish I could wear them together!

  3. Yellow and grey is a really nice combination. Thankfully we didn’t suffer any damage from the storms. Dudley and Franklin were so noisy , had to sleep with noise cancelling headphones on during the nights of those. Eunice didn’t bother us so much.

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