Wool Money

There are those who are completely anti-gambling, others who’d never place a bet because they wouldn’t know the first way to go about it, and many who wouldn’t bother because they never win anything; even a church raffle. And then there are two who tend to place a small bet on the same sporting event once a year, namely The Grand National last Saturday.

One of these picks horses based purely on their names (food & drink themed this time.) The other chose their two horses partly for their name, but also checking details such as odds and track record.

One of the four lost its rider quite early on and the others came FIRST, SECOND & THIRD…..!

So now I’m able to resume the CAL with a lovely new supply of wool. :-D


14 thoughts on “Wool Money

  1. How amazing is that ?!! I would say what are the odds on that ,but it would sound like an awful pun :) Have serious wool envy now .

  2. Lucky you! We got second and third, but unfortunately these particular 2 bets were placed for two of our kiddos, and since they watched the race, I couldn’t really ‘pull the wool over their eyes’ (hehe) and run off to the yarn shop!!

  3. Well done! The cats and I ‘chose’ some horses last week too and the winner would get an extra sweet treat. The nearest we got was Tea for Three so we all had treats.

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