Taking Stock – March

Making: a plan to try acupuncture. I can’t seem to do any amount of crochet or knitting at the mo. I’ve given up knitting the monthly dishcloths for now

Cooking: Oat & Pecan Cookies

Sipping: Twinings English Breakfast tea

Reading: Another Life by Jodie Chapman – this was the book I mentioned before. I got an Advanced Reader Copy, lucky me! It’s published tomorrow. The tale of Anna & Nick was really compelling, especially as it’s the author’s debut novel. I found it hard to put down

Waiting: to be able to travel freely

Looking: at all the anemones, grape hyacinth & pink tulips which have magically appeared in our garden

Listening: to Lo Vas A Olvidar by Billy Eilish & Rosalia on Spotify. It’s beautiful

Wishing: we could return to normal, but I think it’s a long way off

Enjoying: some sunnier days

Appreciating: being back at home. March has been very stressful, I was away for 10 days

Eating: lots of veggies this week

Liking: Schitt’s Creek I know, I am so late to the party!

Loving: Cinnamon buns with St Clements glaze. I won’t try anymore CB recipes – this enriched buttery dough is the bees knees

Buying: mixed peel & raisins to make Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday

Managing: fine, with some sleep now

Watching: the New Taskmaster series on C4

Hoping: I get to catch up with lots of friends from now on

Wearing: scruffs – a furry fleecy lined hood! Up, so have a cosy head. Not a great look but it’s comfy

Following: embroidery videos on Instagram. Addictive viewing, very calming too

Noticing: Spring has Sprung. Yippee!

Sorting: clothes, with rising temps forecast my Seasalt short sleeved tops will be coming out. It’s going to be 21 degrees, then back to 10, but wow that’s mini summer for us… The smell of thousands and thousands BBQ will be all over the land soon

Getting: Glitter Gel Pens for Easter instead of chocolate, maybe

Bookmarking: that TikTok Baked Feta Pasta recipe, why have I only just read about it? Have you tried it?

Coveting: new clothes

Feeling: relaxed

Hearing: Richard Marks singing his massive hit (sad) song


Thanks to Pip who provided the original inspiration for these Taking Stock posts years ago. I still like reading hers.

Tell me a few things about your March?

14 thoughts on “Taking Stock – March

  1. for your pain try bay leaf tea. will not get rid off it but hopefully will ease it a bit as it does for me. all the best 🙂

  2. Did you say 10 degrees is like mini-summer? Sorry but I couldn’t help laughing out loud. It’s 41 here today…(too much for me, I have to stay indoors near the fan).
    My March was a challenging one, recuperating from a short hospital spell and then trying to reorganise the house without overdoing things and making myself feel worse. It also included a weekend in glorious Franschhoek with my daughter on a farm, which was just perfect. Definitely need more weekends like that one!
    On the cooking and baking front, absolutely zero. The opposite of you and your wonderful concoctions.
    Sewing – very little. Obsessed with beads.
    Some more medical appointments but those are behind me now and all is well. Looking forward to the Easter weekend, when Andrew and I will be taking my mom out for lunch and then spending the next day with a friend about an hour away (she lives in a different province but is in Cape Town for chemo and radiation). We’ll be able to spend the whole day with her, just lolling around and eating and drinking. How blissful does that sound? 🙂

    • No lovely – you saw me write that 21° in March is like a mini English summer. 10° is par for the course this time of year, but I don’t mind that at all either. I like to wear my woollies! I’ve lived in a hot-all-year round country and found it incredibly boring…. I love our seasons.

      Glad you’re on the mend, I’m so glad that you have some lovely plans to look forward to now. As for me- I am not wanting to go anywhere near dialling 999 or visiting a hospital for a long time now!

  3. Good to see you making the most of life. Just got to get on with things. As for me, Mr E has been in hospital twice this month, but everything has gone well. I have been ridiculously excited by the census- I love knowing that in 100years a family member might read it, like leaving a gift that says this is who we were, and I have taken delivery of a garden waste bin. The forlorn patch needs to look out now. And we can see family this weekend. Hurrah. And my hairdresser has booked me an appointment, and then local library will reopen next month.

    • We’ve got to make the most of what we’ve got, life is short and doesn’t the time whizz by?
      I’m glad Mr E is doing so well. So that’s 3 of us who had association with a hospital this March. Let’s hope it’s the last!
      I’ve been on another household’s census in another country, a few times, that excites me a lot. They will read it in the future and maybe think “Who was that random Rachel?” I’ve got a hair appointment booked next month too. It can’t come soon enough! And ditto seeing family, it’s all looking up, I hope but I’m cautious.

  4. March has been a very long month which has been really pleasant after February that seemed to rush by for some reason. My big focus has been on my hexagon blanket which I am enjoying seeing grow, first in numbers of hexagons and now in growing into an actual blanket. Sorry you have having problems again, so hard to know what to do. My new walk has been a great find and on Saturday I found an even more scenic version that involves even more walking along the river. And last but not least seeing my daughter and family for the day was a real boost after so many months of seeing no-one. So very quiet but now looking forward to the better weather for a few days and seeing some of the walking group tomorrow.

    • Sounds like a really productive month.
      I’m very glad that you’re meeting up with family again and going for a walk with others in a group will be fantastic! It’s been such a long, long time without people hasn’t it? I can’t believe how lucky we are with the weather given the lifting of some outside restrictions yesterday.

      Have a lovely April Jane!

  5. I like the idea of these taking stock posts. I always feel I should be posting about something exciting but actually the things I like about other people’s blogs are the ordinary everyday bits. There are so many highly monestised blogs out there now, it’s nice just read something homely and familiar.
    I came to your blog via another but I can’t remember which now. You definitely have a new follower :-)

    • Thank you Natalie.

      That’s exactly what I like about the blogs I follow too. I’m not interested in sell, sell, sell and snapshots into ordinary lives are actually rather comforting, especially now we are so restricted from seeing people here (in England.) I used to love the tag on Instagram a few years back #NothingIsOrdinary

  6. Just discovered your lovely blog via Attic 24, I shall enjoy following along. Those cinnamon buns look excellent, they’d definitely go down well around here. Totally agree with what Natalie says. It’s really good to find a new-to-me blog like yours.

  7. Ditto the cinnamon buns. They look amazing. Can you point me in the right direction for a recipe? Thanks x

    • Thank you. Try Gartur Stitch Farm – Kat’s are loosely what I based mine on but I upped the butter to 115g and cut down on the sugar to 100g caster/gran. Cinnamon 1 tbsp mixed with 1 level measuring spoon of plain flour as a binder. See also
      The Clever Carrot’s cinnamon rolls. I amalgamated the two recipes. And will never need a new one again! They are very special.

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