In & out the dusty bluebells

IMG_2752 IMG_2753IMG_2756IMG_2757IMG_2758IMG_2763IMG_2765IMG_2767IMG_2769IMG_2776Visiting a wood which you grew up walking to regularly is wonderful, every step prompts a memory and even the oak trees seem to wave a greeting.

Driving past a farm where a territorial dog was always likely to rush out barking at us all still provokes sweaty hands and a racing heart. Once I suggested ‘Let’s go back another way’ but that brought head shaking and “Come on, he’s only saying ‘Hello, this is my patch.'”  I tried just stopping, standing stock still in the middle of the lane, but realised the others were taking no notice and were wandering further away back down the hill.

This visit there was no dog, at least not one silly enough to run out in front of a car. As we stepped out into the dandelion field at the back of the woods Mum and I heard a galloping noise; two very large deer were running straight towards us with a sound like horses pounding along a racecourse. Simultaneously two things happened; Mum whispered ‘Look aren’t they wonderful, stand really still’ and I rushed to stand behind her. One deer changed course immediately, turning in a sharp circle bounding to the other end of the field. The other continued galloping along, it seemed to be charging right for us, hooves pounding in time to my racing heart. It was probably only a few seconds and then he too turned. The pair gracefully jumped through a gap in the trees and into the wood. I remembered I was holding my camera too late. They had gone.

14 thoughts on “In & out the dusty bluebells

  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos! Can’t wait until more flowers pop up here in the States. Spring is the very best time of year! :)

  2. lovely – i think its “dusky” – a ring game i used to do with children when i was teaching
    ….who will be my partner…?

  3. It looks super – I am most envious!

    Whilst it was possibly a shame not to have captured the deer for posterity, I would have been right with you in the partial retreat! I tend to think that unless you are ensconced in a very rugged shark cage or its land-based equivalent, then anything which appears to be charging fearlessly towards you should be treated with respect and a sensible degree of caution.

    More flight than fight, more self-preservation than ‘selfie’, I say! Perhaps a little harsh to have put your Mum into the firing line ahead of you though, but I am sure she would have been a willing volunteer if asked :)

    • That was definitely my thought process the first time I met an elephant in the street in India. It wasn’t charging, but was very large and unpredictable so I figured caution was wisest. Others might call me chicken, I can live with it!!

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