On another island

It feels like eons since I shared any craft here but that’s because I’m temporarily unable to do any, so have nothing to share. My elbow pain has flared up and I’m trying to avoid anything that might aggravate it. I’m feeling a little sorry for myself as I’m in the middle of a few makes and watching tv with still hands feels incredibly unproductive. At the risk of sounding whiney my knee is also sore. When I sit with an ice pack on it at least I can usually listen to an audio book and make something but that’s not happening. Boo!

Still, it was a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend and we hopped over to the Isle of Wight and had a super time. The Garlic Farm is a must-see. You can go to the tasting experience room and try most of the products, then spend way too much money in the shop. My tip top favourite product is their smoked garlic bulbs. I first tried some years ago and if anyone I know is visiting that’s always my “please buy me” request. It’s truly delicious added to tomato sauce or roasted with chicken. I added some to a homemade BBQ sauce last night and I can’t wait to eat it later.




We drove to Shanklin and wandered along the beach to Sandown, collecting a trove of sea glass. Finding a few different shades of blue felt like coming across treasure! My collection’s growing now so it’s been re homed in a larger jar.
Ventnor and the excellent Spyglass Inn is a must during any visit. Lager shandy, a shared plate of whitebait and a wander along the sea front rounded off the day beautifully.
We visited a National Trust property on Monday and I’ll share some photos from the visit soon. I’ve found another Shepherd’s hut…

What did you do over the weekend? Are you busy making anything?

7 thoughts on “On another island

  1. Aww, poor you with sore elbow and knee. Rest lots and get better soon. I am in the making doldrums. My weekend was spent planting, weeding and taking down a shed (and drinking cider… But that’s another story!).

  2. Owww, that’s no good, hope you are better soon! I sympathise with “dodgy” joints, knees especially. Shandy and whitebait sounds good though….

  3. Ah no! Sorry to hear about your pains. Glad you managed to get out at the weekend though. Mmmm, that smoked garlic sounds gorgeous…

  4. Sorry to hear about your elbow and sore knee. Hope you get better soon. It must be hard not to be able to continue with your projects. My wrists have a few twinges but I am keeping going and hoping I am doing the right thing. Maybe it’s the weather!

  5. I totally relate to your elbow problem. From my personal experience, and from past knowledge gleaned in osteopathic and medical school programs, the source of your problem is very likely not just the elbow, but starts at the neck and shoulder area brought on by the kind of unconsciously stooped posture that most of we crafters/cooks/writers engage in on a daily, year in year out basis before ….Aargh!! Here in Tennessee, I found an excellent massage therapist who is trained very much like the kinesthesiologist massage therapists in France, ie, with a musculo-skeletal allignment orientation. I feel like a new woman after about 3 months of weekly massage combined with a committment to good stretching exercise daily to help “hold” the massage’s effects.

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