On bank holiday Monday, last week, we visited Winchester. “You mustn’t visit Winchester without going to the cathedral” we were told.

It’s a truly magnificent building. I can’t even begin to describe its size and features, it’s immense. The Cathedral website is really informative if you want to take a look.

Many people will have visited the Cathedral simply to pay a visit to the last resting place of Jane Austin.



Interestingly it wasn’t until many years after she was buried that the number of people visiting her grave were noted, as her work gained popularity.



These lilies were heavenly scented, I love them.


I really like the Antony Gormley sculpture ‘Sound II’ in the Cathedral crypt.

However it was the tapestry work that really, really, caught my eye, as you shall see. I used to enjoy tapestry, but when my elbow was very painful I gave it up. Plus it was far from cool to be making tapestry cushions. Now I wish I had just taken extra painkillers, had a treble G&T and stuck my fingers up to cool. I bought most of my materials from Liberty of London, they used to have a wide selection of wool, canvas, kits and materials. They really have scaled back the selection but you can still find some nice choices. There was a postal ordering service I used to buy from also, which will now have a website but I just need to remember the company’s name…

What follows are many, many (I seem to be in a repeating the-same-word-twice-mode today, sorry. I can control this mode and hit the delete button, but choose not to, just in case you’re wondering if there’s a compulsive issue going on here) photos of tapestry work. Some are faded from use, sunlight and age, others are newer. I find all beautiful and inspirational.






Inspirational colours, designs and because of the amount of hours that they took to create.


Fuzzy, but I don’t want to delete the above. Partly close your eyes and squint to focus?









A windmill and what I think is a plough, surrounded by the fruit of the land?









I would also have stitched my initials & the year on the back too!







When we bought our entry tickets we were told they are also season tickets, so we’re planning to go back to take a tour and find out more about the history, carvings, art, sculpture etc etc of this incredible building. I have a feeling that all photographing devices will be taken from me prior to the tour; I was a long time sighing over and photographing these beauties!



I’ve always been a huge fan of Kaffe Fassett, particularly when I was first interested in tapestry. I’m going to A Life in Colour, an exhibition celebrating Kaffe’s work, with Natasja of the CrocheTime blog. I can’t wait!

10 thoughts on “Inspirational

  1. The Gormley sculpture is a bit creepy… Imagine seeing it on a dark night. Your photos of the tapestry cushions are great, those are what I was interested in on our many family trips to cathedrals when I was growingup.

  2. Tapestry is not really my thing although I remember having a go years ago, but these are all so different, beautiful… I can see how you were inspired. Our poor little village church doesn’t have any so beautiful. I often enjoy the banners that are made for churches and of course the glorious windows.

  3. Super post- love Winchester cathedral being a Jane Austin fan. Also love tapestries, – have done one or two myself. Would love to see what you have done. Church kneelers can be so good! I liked the one with the windmill. Loved the sculpture- have not yet seen one of Gormleys’ myself, but would love too.
    V envious of the Kaffe Fassett expedition and look forward to seeing your post afterwards.

  4. Great pictures of the cathedral and all those beautiful tapestry cushions. I notice they have a new set of banners up in the nave. They used to use some batik ones that I particularly liked. I haven’t been in the cathedral for a while, now you have to pay.

  5. Lovely pictures of the cathedra and it’s tapestriesl. My youngest is hoping to study medieval history at Winchester later this year. As the capital of Wessex and home to King Alfred, it’s probably the best place to study it.

  6. It looks amazing, sadly I’ve never visited. The tapestries are wonderful. Many of the designs are reminiscent of the ceramic tiles that William Morris and his bunch used to produce.

  7. Really pleased you enjoyed Winchester, hoping to visit myself soon, last time we went I didn’t get chance to go to the cathedral but it’s now first on my list of things to see! :)

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