Week 36: CAL Blocks #121 #125 #129


#121 Coral Seas

5 1/4″ -5 1/2″ but should even to 5 1/2″ with a good blocking.

I crocheted the first 3 rows then started again with 4 ch as couldn’t see the point of the 2 extra ch hanging down. Is this a pattern error or did I miss a point?

My notebook bluntly says ‘Dislike. Floppy. Should try with a 3,5mm hook.’ !IMG_2396

#125 Triple Stripes

5 1/4″ sq but am sure can be eased to 5 1/2″ under steam or water torture!

Another one of those ‘bit of a swizz to increase the block count’ stripey dc one IMHO.


#129 Anemone

5 1/2″ square

Pretty isn’t it? But a bit scrunched up at the moment, so to complete the triple – will be improved with blocking!

IMG_2394They all look a bit unruly this week, don’t they?!

If you’re in the UK you’ll realise that this photo was not taken in the last few days. After all the sunshine of the past weekend (Britons were in full force wearing their sandals and freshly ironed t-shirts) we now have news of ferries not running due to windy conditions and trampolines blowing away! I admit that I am actually quite a few weeks ahead with the CAL and this is one of a batch of photos of blocks. I decided to forge ahead and then concentrate on other things for a while.

This week I’ve started a project from the Hip Crochet book I won. I’ve also been doing some embroidery. I’m now very dubious about the design, or placement of what I’ve chosen, but I’m assured that it’s fine. Ho hum. I’ll complete and then show you.

Hello to all my new followers by the way! I’ve noticed a steady increase lately. It’s a nice way to check out new-to-me blogs and look around. There are so many of us sending photos into the void and chatting away, it’s amazing what jewels you can find.

Anyway, it’s your turn to talk. How are you? Are you busy with craft or have other aspects of life taken over at the moment?

7 thoughts on “Week 36: CAL Blocks #121 #125 #129

  1. I think the Anemone square will be completely gorgeous after blocking! :)
    I have an AAT exam this afternoon and studying for that has taken over recently, so I’m hoping to get some more crafting done over the weekend :)

  2. I agree, anemone is lovely. The cheating stripy ones drive me nuts too. I did Wisteria block last night so I’m not too far behind now. SATs in school next week so it’s all a bit busy there.

  3. The extra chains sort of took care of themselves when you finish- I did wonder too, but ploughed on as ever regardless! Posting mine later. We have hardly had any rain or wind yet in Yorkshire- everything is very dry and I have to water the tadpoles every day as the pond is evaporating. Come north!

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