Sunshine & raspberries

Yesterday we had a properly sunny day; it felt like summer with blue skies and fluffy white clouds and not a raindrop in sight. So Mum and I set off to the local pick-your-own farm (with we’ve-picked-some-for-you farm shop and cafe complete with bouncy castle) to plunder the fruit.

We picked raspberries and black-currants but gave up on the strawberries. To be honest lots were moudy or unripe from too much rain and they are sitting on soggy straw. When I got home I whipped out a couple of bags of sugar from my pantry, weighed them had just enough for a batch of jam. My first ever batch of raspberry jam. It’s incredibly quick to make and very, very easy. I’ve always made various chutneys: apple & orange, spiced apple, apple apricot & peach, apple & rhubarb, marrow chutney etc etc in the autumn because we’ve been lucky enough to have gardens with apple trees. I’ve also made jellies: chilli & apple jelly, mint jelly, rosemary jelly etc but never jam – apart from helping Mum when I was growing up – mainly because I’ve never eaten much. This seems to have changed in recent years and we get through a steady supply of Bonne Maman preserves. Now it’s going to be Bonne Rachell! *cheesy but pleased with self*

Raspberry jam

900g raspberries – wash and put in a heavy based pan, they need to gently cook in their own juice for about 10 minutes until soft

Take off the heat, stir in 900g sugar until dissolved

Add a knob of butter and bring to a boil and then simmer for 10-15 minutes or until setting point has been reached. Tip: put a few saucers in the freezer, to test SP put a small spoonful of jam onto the saucer, if it winkles when pushed with your finger a minute or two later it’s ready.

Remove scum. Pot in sterilised jars, cover. Lick spoons/fingers. Clean up. (I also found a splash of jam on my foot last night!)

This recipe made 4 pots of jam though only 3 are shown.

5 thoughts on “Sunshine & raspberries

  1. I am very impressed with your condiment skills. Not something I have done much of. Made plum jam once with a load of plums from Mr Ps Dad. My Grandma used to make divine green tomato chutney, which I would eat out of the jar!! Never had enough green tomatoes to make it though. I have accidentally made frozen yogurt today… Tastes good though ;)

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you for your comments on my posts! I wasn’t able to reply directly to your question as you were a ‘no reply blogger’, and I wasn’t sure you would see if I left a comment under yours on my post, so, I hope you don’t mind me replying through your post.

    I was having issues with blogger and my photo storage quota, so to solve it, I had to delete a lot of early posts to allow me to continue posting this year. It resulted in my earlier posts being a bit fragmented. Most of my photos from my early posts were uploaded to flickr which you can access on my sidebar button. Not sure if this helps in any way to try and fill any gaps. It’s lovely to have found your blog and I shall look forward to having a really good read!

    Take care


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