Happy days

Ooooh a lovely day today; flowers and thank you cards from school as its the end of the academic year tomorrow, and one of my lottery winnings (£10!) gift to myself has arrived.
It is good to give, but even better to receive!
It’s been one of those super weeks in all kinds of ways. Hope it has been a satisfying one for you too.
Have a good Friday and a lovely weekend. I’m off ooop north ish to catch up with friends and check out the shops.



6 thoughts on “Happy days

  1. Hi there, I just saw your comment over at Vintage Vicki’s and thought I’d say hi. I organised the Jubilee swap you asked about – I usually do 2 a year, the next one will be for Christmas. It’s easy to get involved if you fancy it, nearer the time I’ll ask people to sign up and you just need a regularly updated blog and willingness to take part!

  2. I’m busy finishing off another purse for Nellie to give to her teacher tomorrow – why do I always leave things ’til the last minute! … I just hope she likes it, it defo would have been safer to buy chocolates, but Nellie insisted it had to be a purse!! … Enjoy the hols, will you be blogging over the summer, I’m away for most of the next 3 weeks so I think my blogging will be a bit quiet …

      • I hope she loves it – I was so gutted to find out from Nellie that she didn’t open any presies in front of the class – I think Nellie would have loved to have seen her open it – maybe she’s scared that she’s going to get awful stuff and have to feign delight!!!

        • Oh what a shame – though have to say that I don’t always open there and then, it depends what else there is to do. Sometimes it’s really nice to take them home and open with the first G&T of the holidays! ;-)
          I bet she loved the purse! I hope it’s clear you made it, not bought it?

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