A work in progress which I laid out last night to decide the number of squares left to crochet, so please don’t judge me by the number of yellows clumped together! They were edged while I watched tv. The answer to the how many more question is probably LOTS since there’s no one who needs a baby blanket at the moment.
I don’t really need another blanket myself with the Yorkshire blanket, which I already snuggle under, and the Rhubarb Ripple which I’m taking away to finish in August (19 stripes left! Woo hoo!) So don’t really know what to do with the alternative granny square/target square one when it’s completed…..

And I’ve photographed fly fishing flies; some home-made, some new which have just arrived by post because I like looking at the intricate workmanship of them, plus it’s a celebration since I’m enjoying having trout for dinner. I always think you could make some pretty earrings out of the more feathery colourful flies!


Sorry that the above photo is a bit fuzzy, the iphone only takes good indoor pictures when the light is very bright I think.20120717-132816.jpg


5 thoughts on “Colourful

  1. Some of the fly fishing flies look like feathery prawns! Alternative grannies (she’s a punk!) are looking good. Have you not got a chair that needs a throw, cushions that need covering?? Scarf for a giraffe??

  2. I really like the bold style of those granny squares, its gonna looks great when its done – one of the things I like about doing a blanket is that its a project that can go on in the background while a few smaller projects are on the go too, ver satisfying to see it all come together without feeling under pressure … having said that I would really like to finish my ripple by winter … xx

  3. Your blanket is beautiful! I am also loving your flies! My grandpa used to tie the best flies from what I am told. I never got the chance to learn. Do you fish? How long have you been tying them? Do you sell them? Earrings would be cool! I would be interested!

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