Steaming along

I’ve crocheted my contribution to the Yarndale bunting. The only thing left to do was to steam block them. I’ve only ever steamed bits of the Paintbox blanket so this was a first time event, with me poised with pins and my ruler!


Before and after the steam blocking method. Magical hey?!

I went in to see Somebody and waved the two blocks in front of his face, lifting them one at a time saying “Before…After…Before….After!” with a bit of an I’ve-blocked-these-at-last kind of flourish.

And the response?

“Wow! It’s changed the colours too, that’s really clever!”

I kissed him. Really it seemed the best thing to do.016

Some could be pulled out straighter and pointier but then they would have been more than Lucy’s specified 7″ across. My tension’s quite relaxed and happy, like I feel at the moment.


Hurray! I’m not really a bag of half finished items kind of person; so it’s great to have these neatly stacked and ready to go.