Spice of Life CAL part 3

 It took me a while to get around to part 3 of the pattern (actually part 2; as part 1 was initial info on the CAL. I do think it would have made it easier all round to call that week 0, but there we are) as I developed a stonking cold last week. I’m still coughing and rattling around, but at least my brain is working again. 

I really enjoyed doing this week’s pattern, there was a good variety of stitches.  The rows of V stitch are so preety!

I know there’s at least one person copying my colour choices so here are last week’s:

Stacked Grannies: storm blue, parchment and repeat once again

Trebles: grape x2

Big Zipper: parma violet x2, grey x2

Trebles: denim x2

Stacked Shells: silver, stone, sage, clematis

Trebles:parma violet, lavender    

2 minutes after publishing: Oh dear I don’t think my brain is working that well after all since I’ve forgotten to say that I’m in the process of steam blocking the ends! I’ve left it pinned on the ironing board to dry while I write. My tension must have been a little tighter than the rest after the shell rows. I know others in the Spice of Life  Facebook group (now with over 4K members!) have found the same, so it’s one of those things with this type of row. It’s harder than than you realise to crochet a lot looser than usual.  

6 hours after publishing: Working on the next part today I’ve gone up a hook size from 4mm to 4.5mm for some of the tighter rows. It’s sorted the tension issue and so there will be no more steam blocking each week …hurrah! Just trying to crochet looser would be hard to do. I think it might well result in inconsistent stitches overall. By changing hooks back and forth I think I’ve cracked it. 

Steaming along

I’ve crocheted my contribution to the Yarndale bunting. The only thing left to do was to steam block them. I’ve only ever steamed bits of the Paintbox blanket so this was a first time event, with me poised with pins and my ruler!


Before and after the steam blocking method. Magical hey?!

I went in to see Somebody and waved the two blocks in front of his face, lifting them one at a time saying “Before…After…Before….After!” with a bit of an I’ve-blocked-these-at-last kind of flourish.

And the response?

“Wow! It’s changed the colours too, that’s really clever!”

I kissed him. Really it seemed the best thing to do.016

Some could be pulled out straighter and pointier but then they would have been more than Lucy’s specified 7″ across. My tension’s quite relaxed and happy, like I feel at the moment.


Hurray! I’m not really a bag of half finished items kind of person; so it’s great to have these neatly stacked and ready to go.