Dublin #2

At Kilmainham Goal I noticed some crochet. Impressive given the conditions I saw in which the  prisoners would have lived. Also, it just shows how versatile those little old granny squares can be.

Sorry for the poor quality, I was rushing to join the guided tour of the original cells where the political prisioners were held, but I thought as this is technically a crochet blog you might enjoy seeing this ‘blouse’.

Walking back to the hotel later I spotted all this. Is there no bin at this person’s house?! I can picture an arm extending from a window to throw an empty out with a vague promise to self to tidy up later. I have to admit that something about this scene made me laugh as well as recoil a little. I can’t justify myself.

You’ve seen Molly Malone and her assets, Oscar reclining in the park and now here’s Phil Lynott, outside a rather nice traditional Irish pub. The Dubliners do seem to like their statues, as well as their drinking holes. I viewed a few traditional pubs, inside and out. It has to be done as part of the full holiday experience.

This was outside another bar, I love it! It reminds me of Father Ted.

Yes; I did just follow the ‘Fine Food for Feck All’ poster with cherry blossom from Trinity College. It’s my blog and I’ll be random if I want to (singing the ‘It’s my party’ song in my mind as I type that)! :-)

The Book of Kells was great and the information about how the scribes made the colours was fascinating, but the best part by far is The Long Room. If you go then take a big breath in as you enter the room. The smell is incredible. If you have no idea what the Long Room is then Google is your friend. ;-)

The Liffey and some of its many, many bridges. I wandered across the Millennium bridge, that you see in the foreground, after snapping this picture and into The Temple Bar area….

….to hear some superb live Irish music at The Quays. Sunday is a good day for relaxing with a drink in hand and a tapping foot to the music.

A few strange looks were garnered as I photographed the floor, but I liked it.

And finally here is some street poetry I passed on my way back from the live music and foot tapping.

I hope you can read it.

Dublin is great city, with so much still left unseen and undone – I’ll have to go back for a third visit one day.

And in crochet news: I’m on the last 8 or so colours of the Rainbow Granny Stripe, so expect a reveal ta-dah thingy post any time within the next few weeks. It’s slow progress compared to other stripey blanket bloggers since I am also dipping into my Rhubarb Ripple Blanket, making more Spring Flower Squares and edging some Alternative Granny Squares. Then there’s the random little other crochet makes I am side-tracked by also.

But it’s all good fun and very relaxing.

Dublin. A little itty bit of crochet is featured.

A little indulgence early in the morning in a very comfortable hotel room in Dublin.

Ok, I lie. It was probably 8am or maybe 8:30am but that’s early on hols right?

Meeting an Irish friend in Bewleys, Grafton street for coffee at 12:30 turns into a fantastic mini walking tour of the centre of the city,  a mooch around the National Gallery, a very, very late lunch and then a mini pub crawl. Her partner joins us after work at 6pm and happily joins in. Cheers! Lots of drink and a baby guiness (yummm! It’s not what you think. Look it up.) later I go back to the hotel and meet up with a large group of friends for more cheering rounds. Hurrah!

Not mentioning the paracetemol breakfast the following morning.

Now when they taught us the song at school they omitted to mention that sweet Molly Malone was ‘the dish with the fish’ or ‘the tart with the cart.’ By day a respectable fish seller and by night holding another profession altogether. But, as one of the Irish in my hotel said: it was hard enough to have one job, let alone two during those times.

These fantastic signs are everywhere. Protected apparently now. Quite right.

Not entirely sure about the Italian teen who clambered on poor Oscar’s leg to have her photo taken after I took this…

And that’s it for now, I’ll post a few more from Dublin’s fair city soon.