Crochet daffodil

My little contribution to a Spring Flowers yarn bomb. What a lovely little daffodil!

It was designed by Lucy of Attic 24, she’s so good at designing flowers. Here’s the pattern.

I couldn’t make another, or two, by the March 1st deadline as my hand needed some rest, but apparently there’s been a really good response so plenty of knitted (and maybe some crochet) flowers. One is better than none!

I blocked it flat as the leaves and petals were a little curly, but then realised that if it rains (when it rains) they will twirl upwards as soon as wet. So I left a green yarn tail and added a little wrap of yarn so the petals can be secured with a stitch or two.

In England in the spring there is a profusion of flowers and blossom, but actually not many daffodils are flowering around here yet. We’re not quite in springtime. The greenery is there, many buds and an occasional flowering daffodil, but not the golden array we will soon see everywhere. I can’t wait! In the meantime I’ve been buying £1 bunches for my jug. The sight of their happy faces is really cheering. Everything else has risen in price in the supermarkets, but a simple bunch of daffodils is still £1.

From January onwards there have been many winter snowdrops and croci to provide some welcome patches of colour and loveliness. These photos were taken in a mix of locations from various walks and outings over the last month, or so. I’ve got even more photos from other days, but you probably came for the crochet and might be overwhelmed…

Following my mum’s tip I sometimes gently lift a snowdrop’s bloom to see inside, being really careful not to step on others. There are so many different varieties, they are really lovely delicate little flowers.

This was taken yesterday while I paused on a walk
This beautiful bunch of croci was at the base of a tree in early February
Last Sunday. What’s that little patch of mauve in the hedgerow?
Wonderful planting
Half purple, half yellow

Have you ever made something for a yarn bomb?

What’s flowering at the moment in your part of the world?

10 thoughts on “Crochet daffodil

  1. Back in June 2012 a group of volunteers spent a day yarn bombing Hockley Woods Essex. It was part of the “Cultural Olympiad” and the pieces of knitting were the result of various workshops in local schools.

    • Oh gosh yes, they were quite a new thing here back then I believe. We saw an amazing yarn bombed pier up in Yorkshire, Saltburn on Sea (I think…) for the London 2012 Olympics. You’ll see pics here if you search keyword ‘yarn bomb’ or tap the hashtag below this post, on this page, or Google it. I remember taking many photos, it was soooo impressive. The sad thing is items we saw at the beginning of the pier railing were gone by the time we walked back along! People obviously snipped them off and stole what caught their eye. Shocking.

  2. Your photos are so lovely!! I actually came here hoping there might be some pre-spring flowers…! 😍 Thank you, all those snowdrops and croci have made me a lot more cheerful!

  3. Interesting that you are buying daffs for £1. I bought them for £1 last year in Waitrose but this year the bunches are £1.50. I bought them once but somehow £1.50 seems to make them an extravagance, I would prefer if you got less and still for a pound. I forgot to look this week when I was in Sainsbury’s.

  4. What an uplifting post, I love all the early spring florals. I’m with you on the £1 supermarket daffs, a weekly essential for me too. Although I did splash out last week when I saw bunches of fragrant white narcissus in M&S for £4, couldn’t resist them. The scent is amazing xxxx
    ps lovely to see your sweet crochet daff xx

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