Sleep Under the Stars blanket – finished

Started in May 2020 during Lockdown my star blanket, official show-name Sleep Under the Stars is finally complete. It’s not my first star shaped blanket, I’ve been drawn to them for a long time. I think it’s the novelty of making a non-rectangular or square thing once in a while. If you want to check out the three others you can see them here. Smaller sized star blankets make super car-seat or buggy blankets for littles. This is a snuggle on the sofa and read a book, or watch tv size for someone older.

It’s a weighty, soft and very snuggly blanket. This was my first time crocheting with Paintbox Simply Chunky yarn. I liked it so much I soon started to use it for other makes, including a couple of cowls. It’s really nice affordable acrylic yarn which both crochets and knits up well.

Here are the details in case you want to make a star blanket too:

Pattern: Free from Love Crafts site as you see I chose my own colour combo and no pom-poms! I finished emergency stop styley, brake hard and handbrake applied, when I felt it was the size I wanted. I didn’t do the back loops, or is it front loops only thing in the last round.

Yarn: Paintbox Simply Chunky

I used Misty Grey 303 / Slate Grey 305 / Mustard yellow 323

Hook: 6mm, I always use Clover Amour hooks

Size: 48 1/2” / 123cm

Weight: 816g

Tip: For self …don’t forget to write down which shade of yarns you’re using (I usually do but for some reason didn’t, let’s blame lockdown brain) so I’ve just spent about 10 minutes going to the window glasses on, glasses off to work out whether I used misty grey or stormy grey! They’re very, very similar.

For you…do start new rounds of colour by going into the pointy chain space and chaining 5, 3 of those chains equal 1 treble and 2 chains are for the 2 chain space which you do in between the treble(s) at every point. If it’s a row where you need 2 trebles in the point don’t worry, you add in the other right at the end of the round.

If you’re continuing in the same colour you simply slip stitch into the pointy chain space and carry on in the same way, with 5 chain stitches to begin. *If you don’t do this* and you slip stitch into a treble elsewhere it will look fine to begin with, but after a while you’ll find that you get a line of slip stitch joins. This spoils the look of the blanket. Believe me. I write from experience!


And this is looking like a proper crochet blog again, at least for a moment. I shall have to try to finish something else which doesn’t have much left to do and then this will continue!

I’ve got lots of book recommendations, so I’ll be back soonish with another post. I’m having a fantastic reading year.

Hope you had a good Easter weekend? What have you been up to? Are you making anything at the moment, or having a break? TALK TO ME ;-)

10 thoughts on “Sleep Under the Stars blanket – finished

  1. It looks beautiful! I attempted a star blanket recently but I was clearly doing something wrong as it just wouldn’t lie flat (it was extra bizarre as I’ve used the exact same pattern a few years ago and it turned out beautifully). Eventually I got so frustrated I frogged it and did something completely different! Your blanket tempts me to have another go…

    • Thanks Alice!
      That is bizarre. It makes me wonder if you were doing the right number of chains, but I can’t imagine you wouldn’t have. Did you do the full-size version? Will definitely have to do another one and see…

  2. I do like your blanket, I’ve never tried to crochet anything that shape, but I may. I do like Paintbox yarn, it’s lovely quality. I am currently trying to make a quilt. I think I have 8 finished blocks. I’m not sure if I’m going for 4×4 or 4×5, so a few more to do. I need to line and sew a zip into a crochet purse, finished recently, and I’m currently knitting a headband, to keep my ears warm when I walk. I’m planning to make a lunch bag and cutlery roll, since, sadly, hybrid working is frowned upon in my workplace, so we’re back in the office from now.

    • Thank you, you should try it, crocheting a star shape keeps your interest too, going up and down to the points and the valleys. There’s more variety than slogging along a straight row.
      You sound busy and productive, sorry about your WfH situation ending though, that’s a shame when so many have continued.

  3. Let’s see, I’m currently in between makes. I just finished an 1890s chemise for use as a night gown and maybe a future historical make. I’m attempting to use drafting instructions to make an 1898 shirt waist (blouse) but am having issues since I’m not a standard size. 🙃. I really want to make a vest but am a bit intimidated by it at the moment. As always, reading today’s entry was a treat. -Kris

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