And I finished it!

I finished the Granny Chevron Cowl last Sunday. There were lots of ends to darn, but I’ve always found the sewing bit quite relaxing. Such a nice achievement to start AND finish something in the same month.

You can just see the join-as-you-go row, where I’ve slip stitched along after each group of trebles, into the spaces. It’s a really neat and quick way to finish. Who wants to join by sewing, when you can crochet?

I hung it on a branch (or is it called a cane?) of fuchsia to photograph. It was really blowy last weekend as we had the tail end of Storm Malik, so it swung and forwards. I stood still capturing these two photos as it moved.


Pattern On Ravelry from Zeens and Roger blog, by Rosina Northcott.

Yarn Paintbox chunky mustard yellow (323) & misty grey (303)

Hook 6mm

Height 24cm

Width 32cm

Circumference 64cm

Weight 135g, so used less than 2 balls of 100g chunky yarn


I did 8 pattern repeats, so 8 sections of colour, instead of the pattern’s 6 to get the required circumference. Remember you need to end on colour B rather than A; otherwise you’ll have one big one coloured section and it will ruin the pattern.

It’s worth watching Rosina’s You Tube video, linked to on the pattern’s blog post, for handy tips such as trebling around the first stitch of the previous row, instead of going into it at the end of each row. This saves a lot of fiddly stuff.

Before you do the join as you go row you could fix the beginning and end together with stitch marker rings (see below), it helped me to see how it was going to fit together. Finding the middle ensures you match it up accurately. I left the markers and took them out as I joined the two edges.

My poinsettia won’t be featured in every blog post for much longer, since it’s losing leaves quickly now


And now I need to crack on with the finishing the Star Blanket, because I have a cunning plan for it. Except, I’ve just seen something that’s inspired me to try something else….oops!

What are you making at the moment? Are you feeling busy and productive, or are you in hibernation mode? I think either is good at this time of year. Here lately it’s mostly staying around 4° all day every day. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, what are you up to? Sunshine and warmth….lovely!

6 thoughts on “And I finished it!

  1. I agree with you about crocheting together being better than sewing – Every Time! I’m working on a poncho using the pattern for the “Lost in Time” shawl. Pattern on Ravelry and working on the plan for my next blanket the coat having to be put aside at present.

    • Me too. I rarely sew anything up. I also think you could easily misjudge the amount of yarn you need, whereas it’s not an issue with crochet seams.

      I’ve seen lots of those, the pattern’s been very popular. Great idea to make a poncho from them! I like shawls and enjoy making them, but I don’t wear that much fabric. I prefer cowls or lightweight scarves.

  2. This is great, well done for starting and finishing in the same month. That would be too much of an achievement for me to take in, if it ever happened here.
    Yes, lots of sunshine. And “warmth”, as you call it. We call it unbelievable knock-out stinking heat, that few people can survive in one piece. The mornings and evenings are lovely but the days are killers. To be fair, I do know people who genuinely love this kind of heat, or at least they say they do and prance around and carry on with no change in their behaviour or clothing. These people are clinically insane, imho.

  3. It’s lively and the colours are bang on trend. Finally finished the baby matinee jacket, and about to start knitting an Oxford Ox! Reckon you’ll know what I mean!

    • Ooh thanks. They are, but I sadly cannot wear mustard. Unless it’s socks. I offered it to friends and one in the NE wanted it. So it’s winging it’s way up, via mail train probably. She’s right by the North Sea so definitely needs the warmth. They’ll all see her coming for sure!

      I do indeed. That’s quite a change from a matinee jacket too, variety.

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