Taking Stock – February

Making: a bit of progress on my Coast Blanket, 3 more rows and I’ve finished another block.

I’ve done another 18 row repeat of my (probably not going to be a) dishcloth too. I just have the last 4 rows of plain knitting to do and it’s done. It’s frustratingly slow. Ah well. I’m glad I can still do bits and bobs Actually I have noticed bloggers I’ve followed for years, mentioning their tendon issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and such. All the crochet and knitting has caught up with us! Take it easy and don’t do too much in a sitting. BE CAREFUL

Cooking: olive focaccia. Last night I tried a third recipe, another sourdough recipe. This trebled – it was absolutely huge! It didn’t even look like focaccia. My starter is super powered. We hardly made a dent in it, but it tasted great. It also had massive air holes which was quite fun, but I’ll be going back to my first recipe which uses predictable commercial yeast. And looks like focaccia!

Sipping: on Saturday before dinner – Vagabond, a pale ale made by Scottish brewing geniuses BrewDog

Reading: Hungry by Grace Dent. I heard her on this podcast and immediately borrowed the ebook from the library, using the Libby app. So good. So good. I can’t put it down.

Waiting: Yep, we are all still waiting in England. I’m waiting patiently and feeling quite chilled.

Looking: forward to a holiday. Fingers and toes crossed!

Listening: to Madonna’s ‘Dress you up’ on the radio

Wishing: just to drive out of county. As soon as we’re allowed I’ll be off in all directions! Coast, National Trust places, shopping, museums, London, cafes, theatres, cinemas, short trips, long trips…I’d better check our cars over and make sure the tyres are up to all the driving. In the meantime I’m walking every day and enjoying it.

Enjoying: sunshine streaming in the windows. I woke at 7am and the room was full of delicious golden light.

Appreciating: birdsong, winter flowers, beautiful views, friendly people

Eating: lentil dal. I made what turned out to be my best ever. Just on the spur of the moment because I fancied some for lunch. Red split lentils, coconut milk, stock, onions, ginger, garlic, spices, fresh green chillis and a few chopped tomatoes. YUM

Liking: Taskmaster on 4OD still. We’re working our way through old series on 4OD. We take it in turns to choose. It never fails to make us roar with laughter. S2 now.

Loving: Lupin on Netflix, it’s French with subtitles. Don’t let that put you off, it’s fantastic. The story, the twists and music and …. Just watch the first episode and know that I’m winking at you

Buying: new walking trainers. I’ve gone through a pair in less than a year, as I walk so many miles

Managing: fine, thanks!

Watching: birds coming to the feeders. Love the cheeky aggro of the starlings raiding the mealworms and the hyperactive nervy blue tits

Hoping: for family gatherings

Wearing: scruffs

Following: changes in nature, loving all the greenery and shoots appearing

Noticing: much lighter earlier mornings and later afternoons

Sorting: socks. Wool walking socks shrink in the wash. When they’re all different ages it means I’ve got shorts, mediums and larges.

Getting: motivated with monthly goals. I’ll be reviewing them at the end of March and I’ll be setting new in April

Bookmarking: podcast episodes by searching for favourite comedians and listening to a range of shows

Coveting: summer evenings by the river with cider and a nice meal

Feeling: calm but keen for normal life to resume …

Hearing: the kitchen clock ticking


What were your highlights of February? Was it good for you?

Plans for March?

6 thoughts on “Taking Stock – February

  1. Hi, hand/wrist pain is so frustrating eh. I do hand exercises I learnt at hand therapy, and I sometimes wear these gloves https://www.cottonpatch.co.uk/acatalog/creative-comfort-.html I find I can’t wear them all the time when I’m knitting but they do give relief.
    My highlights of February were enjoying the cold weather and wearing my woollies and hatching plans for future holidays. As to March, I cant wait to see my kids for an outdoor meeting. Oh and it’s my birthday today! Juanita

      I hope you’ve got some treats and have a lovely day. It’s a one of a kind lockdown birthday ….

      I bet they can’t wait to see you either.

      I’m with you on the cold weather and wellies, I guess you can tell because of my many pictures of bare trees and beautiful cold weather landscapes.

  2. We definitely had a touch of Spring yesterday. Following from an earlier post of yours, I added £1 worth of daffodils to my on-line order for Saturday and was rather worried when they came as each flower was wrapped in its little sheath, but they have come out now and only one is still wearing it’s coat.
    The hearts on your “probably not going to be a dishcloth” are so pretty, as also the way the colours go on your blanket square.
    My plan for March is seeing my daughter who is in a ‘bubble’ with me and maybe my granddaughter too.

    • They must be picked just at the right stage before that sheath falls off and they bloom. I’ve found they always open and last a good week. Sometimes they’re mixed in with lots of rather bulky items and are still perfect. Amazingly resilient flowers!

      Lovely hearts designs isn’t it? It’s maybe worth saving and using for other items. If you’re keen to try it, it’s a free pattern and on Ravelry now. I must do the last 4 rows of plain and start the March design.

      That’s really something good to look forward to.

  3. Aaah, those daffodils, primulas… and especially the lawn full of croci! This is what heaven will look like for me! :)
    Here, the first snowdrops are beginning to appear.
    The 2nd semester of my Norwegian course has started. Hooray!

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