Three Good Things +4

A surprise

Homegrown tomatoes

The first of many. The vines are groaning with them, if they haven’t been washed away…

Including bottom shaped!

Rainy* Fridays

On rainy Friday mornings I quite often wake up feeling gleeful thinking bread, home-made soup, maybe scones or cake or cookies or…? Love baking Fridays. It means something a bit different for lunch.

Inspired by this shortcrust pastry pizza pinwheel recipe I used Sacla Fiery Chilli Pesto, 60g extra mature cheddar and a good sprinkle of dried oregano inside and on the tops. It’s been absolutely years and years since I made shortcrust pastry. I don’t often eat it, unless I buy a slice of quiche.

A new Library ebook

The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. I only read a few chapters this morning and am hooked. I like the main characters, the American setting in the mountains of Kentucky and the historical background to the novel. Love it when a book grabs you from the start.

A good film on a Friday night

I’m just about to have a look for one actually, any recommendations? I have BBC iPlayer, BritBox (it’s really worth getting a month’s free trial.) Amazon prime and Netflix.

New gins

I’ve been given a bottle of Tanqueray No 10 and Rangpuir, plus a box tonic.


Friends who message you as they travel on their way to their holiday. Friends who send you pictures of what they’re baking and ask you what you’re making. Friends who send you pictures of their cute new puppy. Friends who say they can’t wait to go away for a weekend with you as soon as we can. Friends are GREAT.


What are your Good Things?

*It hasn’t really stopped raining since before 6 am.  At times it’s been torrential – think tropical rainfall or someone standing above the house pouring a bucket out. I would show you a video of the garden, with the sound of it hitting the conservatory roof but I’m reflected in the window and no one needs to see me in my pyjamas.

6 thoughts on “Three Good Things +4

  1. Oh gosh sorry about the rain- we’ve had some here but not as much as you from the sound of it. Good things- family coming to visit, letters from people not organisations, proper hand written letters, unexpected really fun days out, exploring the local area and finding the unexpected, unpacking when you move house and the last box goes for recyling, old photos…

  2. What a lovely collection of flowers and home grown tomatoes too. My three things? Rain reducing the temperature so I can crochet in the daytime. My crochet top that is so bright and colourful. Son due to come round tomorrow for cream tea. Other good things might sound odd.

  3. I bet you would cute as a button in your pj’s and rain sounds absolutely delightful after our 110* F days here in Texas, USA. Hope your bread and entertainment is doing.wonderfully. I wish I had a friend to share my creative delights with but I guess I will settle for bugging my coworkers with pictures of my handmade hauswif/ victorian sewing kit. Have a wonderful day!

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