The Hitchhiker is ready to travel

 My  Hitchhiker sat in a bag for a while and when I finally got around to finishing it, the last 8 rows took no time at all. Well, apart from the row I had to knit backwards, which is my term for undoing stitches. Instead of purl 1, knit the rest I realise I’d purled all. You never realise these things until the end of the row. I blame it on David Sedaris and his turtle story, which I listened to on the BBC radio iplayer. You’ve got to blame lapses on someone haven’t you? 

I don’t really know why I thought it was a good idea to use 4mm needles with sock yarn. It seemed the specified 3mm needles for 4 ply yarn, used with sock yarn and combined with my knitting tension would make a scarf (I can’t call it that name ending with ette; it makes my my mouth pucker) suitable for a dolly. This is why it’s a slightly loopy looking at the edges. Loopy is so much nicer a description than holey isn’t it?

19 thoughts on “The Hitchhiker is ready to travel

  1. It looks really pretty! I’m actually using a size 7 needle with the ones I’m doing! If I hold it up to the light, it looks a little “lacey” in places – but I figure when I wear it, they won’t show (I hope – LOL)! I always use a bigger needle than called for when making scarves and so on….

    Linda in VA

  2. Wow I’ve missed a few blog posts as I haven’t been able to write as much … But being here today makes me realize how much I miss reading all the blog posts from all the friends I have made here in blogland. Hoping to start getting back to writing . Although I did read a lot of your posts I’m glad to start coming back “to life” . Lovely, lovely shawl my friend :)

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