Yep: I’m knitting a Hitchhiker too

          Every time I scroll through the pretty pics on Instagram I see the Hitchhiker pattern being knit by someone. Seeing this many pictures of the same item is really a form of brain washing, or extremely effective advertising, so the other day I found myself click clicking on Ravelry here and in receipt of the pdf. I only wish I’d designed it as I read somewhere that 18,000+ (and I’m hoping this is true and not a wild exaggeration!) copies of the pattern have been sold.

I got so indignant about a character’s behaviour in my audio book, A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson, that I had to undo some last night as the teeth were at the wrong end. I only noticed after 8 more rows. D’oh! Apart from times of audio distraction it’s very easy and satisfying knitting.

I hope you don’t feel like I’m spamming you with too many posts this week. It’s just that I’ve had more to show as I’m not just plodding on with the same couple of makes. Also I’ve got lots of free time as I’ve been laid up resting my knee. 

What are you up to at the moment?

17 thoughts on “Yep: I’m knitting a Hitchhiker too

  1. I couldn’t resist knitting a hitchhiker either! And, the designer certainly struck gold with this pattern. It’s simple yet beautiful and it shows off hand painted yarns to their very best. I wish I’d written the pattern too!! :-)

  2. What a gorgeous yarn Rachel. Yes I believe they have sold 18,000 it is a beautiful pattern. I have made one and I loved it. I gave the one I made away , but I always thought to make one for myself. Maybe I will do that while I am in Brazil this summer. Have a great weekend !

  3. I just started the Hitchhiker also! My yarn is sort of dark tho – green with a darkish brownish/purple. If I end up liking the finished product, I will make another in a brighter shade. I love your color! I’ve never used this Rowan yarn before – but I look at it each time I go to the yarn shop. Mine is by Lorna’s Laces…. I wish I had designed this pattern and all the ones by Stephen West. He sells tons of his too!

    Linda in VA

  4. Love the yummy colors in your Hitchhikers (one of my all time favorite books). Your post inspired me to try knitting again. I have a nice Madeline Tosh Light Merino yarn in Aqua that I hope will be welcome for an August birthday gift. Hope you’re on the mend soon!

  5. Popped in from a mutual friends blog. LOVE the colors you’ve chosen. I’ve considered knitting the scarf/shawl but never seem to get around to making anything for myself, lol. I’ve never viewed instagram, but you might be right about brain washing, lol

  6. Funny you should say this as I recently added it to my library on Ravelry! I hope to knit it some time this year so I look forward to seeing your progress. Jean

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