Definitely not knitting 

I’ve got to finish darning my motif blanket (it’s going well and best described as: slow but steady) and crochet lots more stripes. So, I’m still determinedly not going to start knitting anything, or begin any new project, until they’re finished. 

 I can still buy the occasional treats though. A gorgeous pottery coaster and a skein of the most deliciously soft yarn which is 97% baby alpaca, (see the silver sparkles in it?)  along with a little pattern for wristies with a mock cable pattern.
  It would be foolish to begin a new make, when I’ve really got to finish the overdue motif blanket which is for someone else. Equal pleasure can surely be gained from darning and half watching a Pirates of the Caribbean film can’t it? 

   Bright stripes are good for the day after the night before, when one by one leaders are resigning and pundits are still reeling from false predictions. 

What are you definitely not doing? 

19 thoughts on “Definitely not knitting 

  1. I’M definitely not casting on a shawl instead of finishing a crochet toy for a pal. You’re almost there with the blanket! Love the mock cables, can never resist a Louisa Harding yarn.

  2. I’m definitely not casting on another pair of socks using a skein of gorgeous Rowan yarn bought from John Lewis. I think we are all reeling form the result of the election – so unexpected!!
    Caz xx

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