Still not knitting 

…instead of darning ends, ends and more ends! 

I now have only six rows of bright stripes left to crochet; due to having enforced rest for a few days because of a pesky joint (no, not that kind.) 

If you’re into audio books try the new Kate Atkinson: A God in Ruins. It’s so superb that I can’t stop listening, and I only started yesterday. It’s definitely made things like ice packs, sitting and generally too much inactivity easier to put up with. An interesting book along with mindless crochet, and of course the knitting I haven’t done, can make time whizz. 

Two alpaca soft wool wristies have NOT been knitted, with one sewn up. 

And of course it’s not me who is about to wind this gorgeous yarn and knit with it… 


What are you up to? 

7 thoughts on “Still not knitting 

  1. What a gorgeous color and you are so very productive for sometime not doing this much …ha ha ! Gorgeous new yarn. Sure you will find something beautiful to not knit with it !

  2. I’ve been reading more lately because of resting my hands with aching wrists but am getting some crochet done: a cafetiere cosy and some cross bookmarks. The wool you are NOT knitting with looks lovely.

  3. That yarn is definitely gorgeous! What plans do you have for it? I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. I am dealing with a hurt shoulder. I need to stop falling! :-) I have some flowers to crochet for my Lucy bag and I want to add a fabric liner. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Happy skein of yarn. I am waiting for my mint tea to cool. I am resting as four, second graders and I combed the whole 100 acres within a few hours today.

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