Dilemma. Knitting.


So, I’ve knit a bit more of the Honey Cowl, it’s described as a slip stitch honeycomb pattern which explains the name, but am caught in a bit of a dilemma. It’s not big as the world goes; but enough to make me pause. It’s the Stylecraft Special DK, it’s really fine for crochet blankets. It’s lightweight, soft, washable and can be tumble dried (not that I’ve ever tested the last two but it’s comes highly recommended by so many others that I believe them) and is inexpensive. The trouble with knitted stitches more sleek in appearance than crochet, is that suddenly the yarn seems to be too shiny, too light in weight and just very acrylic looking and to the touch too.

I’ve knit too much to undo it without a thought, but am not sure that it’s wise to carry on when I already know that I won’t want to wear it. What would you do? IMG_8702-0

16 thoughts on “Dilemma. Knitting.

  1. If you are positive that you won’t wear it, take a deep breath, close your eyes and unrip it really fast – like pulling off a plaster! There’s no point working on something you don’t love, life is too short♡

  2. It’s always a shame to see work go to waste but if you are never going to wear it you will just be wasting more time seeing it through to the end. Pull it back and save it for the perfect project, you will appreciate it all the more!

  3. Not to disagree – but – I love to work with hand dyed gorgeous yarns then find myself reluctant to use the finished items – they’re just too precious! The couple of acrylic items I’ve made have seen lots and lots of wear. Also, it’s a gorgeous colour!

  4. Frog it! Mind you I am the queen of frogging. I think my record is knitting the same yarn into four different things!

  5. Ooh, it is a tough one when you’ve already put lots of time in. But, if you don’t love it and won’t wear it, it’s time to frog! At least you’re well-versed in the stitch pattern now though!

  6. I say frog it. The yarn is lovely and it deserves to be used in a project that makes the most of it. Also, life is too short and there are too many wonderful projects out there to waste time on something you know you won’t use.

  7. Ditto an above commenter. Unless it could be a gift, rip it out. I have a friend who always looks at rip outs as a positive. Bonus more knitting for your dollar. You might as well make something that will satisfy you.

  8. Sometimes instead of ripping back, I will snip at the end point and then start knitting another item from the worked piece as long as I haven’t overworked the yarn. I hate having to rewind yarn. I admit, I’m lazy. This color is just lovely, though.

  9. I will often rip out something that just isn’t working for me. Just did it the other night – and I had over 30 or 40 inches knitted already. But I dreaded working on it every time I picked it up. So I just went one, two, three, and zip – off the needles it came – and I felt so much better and am now using the yarn for something else!

    Linda in VA

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