Mostly ends with one beginning

See the golden coloured ‘square’?  I took this photo to: “You’re in the way of the rugby!” Well, the light was best in front of the tv and it was Valentine’s Day, sheesh! Even so this isn’t the clearest photo, but we’re trapped under iron skies here. I didn’t notice that I’d pulled it out of shape arranging the piece on the carpet. When I went to add more hexagons to fill in the gaps I realised it was in the wrong place completely and it would be far too fiddly to add one in with all the sides to be joined. Bye Bye Goldie.
I finished the Vanessa headband, it’s blocked and posed to be mattress stitched up. This is my issue with knitting; joining crochet with crochet is not a problem, because it’s crochet. Sewing knitting up makes me start yawning even at the thought of it.
I have until a few days before 28th, then it needs to be posted to its new home because it’s then flying off to Austria skiing for a week. Clever headband!
Yet more ends to be sewn. I have another boxful of motifs ready to JAYGO to my William Morris inspired blanket, but they must be darned beforehand. I’ve set myself a 5-a-day plan like last time. But oh it’s boring. Crochet a motif, darn that motif is a great idea, but I enjoy the flow of making them and seeing little stacks pile up.
I started this circular Honey Cowl while listening to the last part of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins audio book. It seemed pretty obvious early on who dunnit, although I still found the story quite gripping overall.

So, there’s going to be no sewing up! Which is a Baldrick style cunning plan, I think. It’s not posh yarn and I did wonder how I’m going to feel about wearing Stylecraft Special DK; but it’s really soft and consistent for knitting. I’ve only ever used it for crochet blanket making, but I just didn’t want to start with a nicer yarn (I have some Tosca Light left over from Brian) and run out mid way.

Do you use Stylecraft for wearable knitting or crochet? How do you find it?

15 thoughts on “Mostly ends with one beginning

  1. I’ve just started reading The Girl On The Train! Not got very far as I keep getting interrupted. Love the colour of your headband.

  2. The headband looks lovely. It could be possible to knit the ends together like when you make a hem. Pick up a stitch at the beginning and knit with one at the end as you cast off.. Don’t know if it would look as good as sewing though. And I made my Bonbon hat and mittens in Stylecraft. I find it comfortable to wear.

  3. Hey hard woman – me too, I am sorry for the golden square but I do like the color you chose for the honey cowl. Perfect pink. What I don’t like about stylecraft: it has no weight of its own, at least not compared to “real” yarn. So I don’t use it for wearable knitting. However, I knitted a very colorful yarn bomb around the lamp post in front of my house with it and it would keep its colors through wind, snow, and sun – not sure if that is of any help …

  4. Love your hexagons. Oh, the patience! Can you form the gold one back into shape? I crochet more than knit now, but know how to do both.

      • I’m working on afghans for next Christmas, and plans are in force to use the leftover yarn for hexagons, or granny squares, or just a lot of small projects that will go together quickly and use up those yards of yarn that are always getting stuck in a bag for a pick up project. Now when the afghan is finished I make the small pieces and put THEM in the bag to be sewn together when there are enough to make something.

          • I hadn’t thought of that, but it is a great idea. Thanks. I’ll start doing that so I’ll have my own memory afghan with yarns I can identify from the ones I gave away as gifts–like the quilts I used to make with scraps from my kids clothes. I’m loving that idea.

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