Begin again

It was obvious I had to start the Honey Cowl again wasn’t it? Thank you for all your comments here, and elsewhere. I was kind of hoping someone might suggest I could wave a magic wand and transform the yarn into something else, without having to undo all my knitting, but no go!
I’m on a yarn diet at the moment, I’ve sent a bag of never-gonna-use-this balls and oddments of yarn to the charity shop and have others I’m planning to use before another big purchase. I’d forgotten I still have some merino which DMC Creative World sent me last year. I used some when I made my needle roll. It is PERFECT, the yarn slides along my wooden Knitpro needles with ease, it’s soft and the stitch definition is great. Now I can see why it’s called the Honey Cowl, see those little honeycomb shapes?
Before I kept hearing the refrain: ‘Poor Old Michael Finnegan begin again’, I was reluctant to undo what I’d knit so far, but this has been a fast catch up even for a relatively slow knitter like me. It’s the merino, nothing to do with me!

What are you up to this weekend?

On a random note: have you ever tried tatting? I was thinking that I could maybe use some of the fine DMC crochet thread to learn.

15 thoughts on “Begin again

  1. It looks very pretty indeed. I never tried tatting, but I have just looked it up in a craft book I have and it says to use fine strong crochet cotton. Good luck! I am just starting a jumper for my grandson who will be 7 next month. Hoping the sun will break through the clouds this afternoon. The garden beckons….

    • I saw a shuttle in Hobbycraft the other day when I was spending a Christmas gift card (no yarn purchased!) and I wondered about trying as I’ve got quite a bit of fine cotton.

      • I’ve never tried it looked tricky and like you needed good co-ordination. I think I have my mother’s shuttle somewhere. But shuttles are cheap why don’t you give it a go. It’s always fun to try new things.

  2. WINDERFUL job Rachel.
    Yes it’s always better to have a soft yarn touching your neck isn’t ? I have made this cowl before and j love it. You will be much happier that you started over.
    Have a wonderful weekend .

  3. Looks beautiful and you’ve made loads of progress! Definitely the right decision! No looking back now :) funny that you mention tatting…I’ve been thinking about having a go the last few days…not like I’ve got enough to do already! Let me know if you venture into it, I’d like to know if it is worth having a go!

  4. I like how the darker purple bridges winter and spring together. The texture of this pattern is lovely. I made a short version a couple of years ago for my cousin. One day I’ll make myself one.

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