Getting knitty, again

The last week or so I’ve been whipping around my twelve huge Granny Squares in a bid to finish them and use up my leftovers of Stylecraft special DK. I’m rather bored with the same palate after a longtime using those colours and want to start afresh, which is exciting. The ironic thing is I can already see that I’m going to need to buy more to complete the blanket! My goal is to complete a square a day, they’re all at different stages and each needs to be twenty rounds. Sorry…I’m actually boring myself typing this detail! It’s more amusing to listen to the neighbour trying to coax his new (Christmas) dog out into the garden. The same dog that woke me up at 04:30 this morning barking to be let into the garden. Oh sheesh, dogs!

So last night to give my aching left thumb a crochet rest I started a new fast make from my new Christmas book, Cute and Easy Knitting (far superior to a barking present IMHO.)

This is as far as I got last night. It’s looking glove shaped which must be a good thing.

I’m using Rowan tweed which is a new yarn, though I’ve seen it many times I’ve never crocheted or knitted it. Although wool is touted as best for all sorts of reasons, which is undoubtably true in many cases, what is rarely mentioned is that, besides being expensive, it can be damned scratchy. Rowan tweed looks gorgeous, it’s the real deal in that it feels like it’s really been spun rather than composed of plastic. As you knit it goes from thin to thick which makes it an interestingly tactile experience, but I have to say that I wouldn’t want to wear it. Unless as a hat or gloves. I feel the same about Noro, but to a more extreme degree – yes it’s lovely colours but I don’t want to touch it. Do you relate?

Are you trying anything new?

8 thoughts on “Getting knitty, again

  1. i’m very impressed with the first mitts you’ve posted, with the two rows of garter stitch and the little trim at the top! I don’t wear anything with real wool in it, I can’t bear it next to my skin. I can knit or crochet with some pure yarns but not all. Luckily alpaca isn’t a problem – I have an order for 20 berets in different shades of llama, and it is soft like silk to work with. :-)

    • The perspective on the two photos combined must be good!!!
      Looking at the book’s gloves the ribbing is perfect, absolutely even. I think part of why mine’s so uneven is the varying thickness of wool. Well, that’s my story!

      Your silky feel yarn sounds delicious.

  2. I always thought it was me – I much prefer cotton to wool. I know it’s not the “right” thing to say, but I just don’t find it so snuggly – in fact, it’s itchy. Alpaca does seem good though – but that’s even more expensive!

  3. I love Rowan tweed yarn. I had a gorgeous purple jumper made from it (by my Grandma) when I was a teenager. I don’t remember it being scratchy…. until I washed it on the wrong cycle…. Then it was extremely scratchy!!!

  4. I don’t like to wear wool as it’s so scratchy. It’s such a contradiction as we’re told wool is the best and natural but it’s scratchy whereas acrylic (an crude oil derivative) is so soft – it makes no sense to me.

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