First make of 2014

I had no inclination to make anything over the Christmas week. No crochet, knitting, sewing, embroidery. Nada. Just much festive TV, iplayer radio progs and of course lots of catching up with family talking, eating, drinking and opening presents. A staggering amount of lovely things. I’m very, very lucky. Then yesterday I knitted this…

It’s such a clever pattern, it looks like it might be complicated but is just one lot of 4 stitches slipped onto a cable in every 10 rows! The raised effect is created by purling into the back loop. Cute and easy!

If I knit another iPhone cozy I’d play with doubling the stitches and make it all in one piece, rather than two separate rectangles. It would cut the fiddly sewing up by half.

The reason I wanted this book (“Can you buy it for me for Christmas please?” to my lovely friend who brought her copy to show me on a weekend away in November. I bought her Sew! After she’d admired mine, so we like silly cool things swapped books we both own.) was not because I’m at the level of easy knitting patterns, really it’s the opposite. After growing up knitting, and sticking with, basic patterns I should have long ago gone on to intarsia and fair isle to challenge myself. But I wanted Cute & Easy Knitting by Fiona Goble because it’s packed with patterns for quick makes. In the last year I’ve had that wiggly restless knitting fingers feeling lots, but by the time I’ve gone through various back issues of magazines, looked on Ravelry, Pinterest and blogs the urge has gone, I’ve run out of time or I don’t have the amount of yarn called for in the pattern. There are so many things I want to knit in this book! They don’t need much yarn, are fast to make and should quickly scratch that knitting itch.

I’ve just looked and Fiona Goble does have a blog though it’s not up to date. Perhaps it’s a case of all the better to be designing more lovely things for people knit, rather than writing about it?

What are you beginning the year making?

More importantly are you on a health kick now, or starting on Monday???? I need to know. I’ve had a healthy breakfast but am contemplating the chocolate mountain, last mince pie and brandy butter and……

16 thoughts on “First make of 2014

  1. Once all the family had disappeared and the house was quiet again I started knitting a new hat. I had the yarn and pattern picked pre-christmas so its been a gentle start. On the health front, I don’t feel I can start being good until we’ve purged the house of all the goodies – so maybe next week?

  2. A (Berlin) newspaper featured an article last week maintaining that people who knit don’t crave for sweets. Hence, what can I say other than: to arms … er … needles :)

  3. Liking your phone cosy. I need one of those so maybe I’ll start with that. Or maybe I’ll do that thing that must not be mentioned ;) I was starting the healthy thing today (again) but then I fell into the shortbread tin after lunch and struggled to find a way out!!!

  4. I’ve not made anything since before Christmas. I need to do a mega clean of the house (I find it also helps clear the mind) before I can go into full crafting mode, though that will probably change once the fabric I ordered arrives. Your iPhone cozy looks lovely, dare I say, nicer than the one in the book. Jean

  5. Ooh , had to comment just to see what sort of monster I’d be !!!!
    On the healthy stuff….wait ’till Monday I’d say, after twelfth night and all that.
    I started “dry January ” yesterday,then fell off the wagon pretty sharpish this evening as today’s been a bit stressy and suddenly Monday 6th sounds like a nice appropriate date for a fresh and healthy start …so ‘the wagon’ ,the running and the five-a-day can start then :) Cheers/Santé !

  6. I started my “health kick” eating oatmeal and bananas for breakfast, healthy snack, salad for lunch, then BOOM, couldn’t stand it another second and bought a piece of iced lemon cake ( a zillion calories) at the work snackbar. Stuck at home today in a snowstorm so I crocheted a warn and toasty ribbed super scarf, 7 inches wide by 7 feet long. I might get the pattern up on Ravelry later.

  7. I’ve just started a ripple blanket – on the third row and loving it.
    I can’t begin to face all the chocs and mince pies that are still in the kitchen.

  8. I fear that the only think I am likely to make in 2014 is additional adipose tissue! The Thornton’s chocolate Santa ought to disappear before the end of twelfth night, and his chum the chocolate snowman should melt away shortly thereafter, but I fear that the savoury snack mountain might take a little longer to clear….

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