Guthrie & Ghani

After watching and loving The Great British Sewing Bee I’ve been planning to go to Lauren’s, one of the contestants, new sewing and haberdashery shop Guthrie and Ghani in Moseley, Birmingham.

On Saturday a friend and I met there and had a lovely wander around. Sadly we didn’t see Lauren, perhaps she was running a workshop upstairs or just taking some time out.



I was quite restrained in my shopping though there were many lovely things to buy.

We were really pleased to see the once monthly Moseley Farmers Market coincided with our visit.





There was more crackling than shown, it never lasts long!

I dropped some pork out of my roll, my friend dropped some sausage out of hers and so between us we left a bit of a food trail as we wandered around the other stalls.

What did you do during the (bank holiday) weekend? :-)

10 thoughts on “Guthrie & Ghani

  1. Farmer’s markets are the best! Also, this show, Great British Sewing Bee, sounds very interesting. Is it like Project Runway? Do you even get Project Runway in the UK?

    • No it doesn’t sound like Project Runway, it’s basically a sewing competition to assess skills and following a pattern. It was really good despite sounding a bit boring! I expect PR is shown here, though I haven’t seen it.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the trip, it was lovely to see you both! When we move I am looking forward to having G&G and the farmer’s market round the corner from our new house … and did I tell you about the private Moseley Park and Pool we can get a key to (where they hold the annual Folk and Funk/Jazz festivals)?

  3. What a great shop to visit – you did so well to restrain your buying urges Rachel – I think I would have been very weak among such gorgeous temptations!
    And then the markets and all that lovely food – great day eh!
    Joy x

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