An English Country Garden

We continue to have a lovely summer. The weather is warm, sometimes veering back towards hot. It’s perfect for walking and enjoying places like the wonderful Waterperry Gardens.










The last little friend, if you can spot him, is in my garden – which sadly does not look like the one above! He and his mate keep tripping me up when I come home late. Last night I had to wait for him to hop past the front door. I think they use my doorstep planter with the saucer full of water as their own personal spa at night….I keep catching sight of them in the headlights when I come home. Maybe it’s a sign to stay home at night and knit?

I’ve just got to knit the nose of the cat then do the dreaded sewing up. I’ve also just started a new project. More of that to come. I’ve just got to modify my (new) holding the needles and wrapping technique as I keep stabbing my fingers when I purl. Sad isn’t it?

By the way, I read earlier that it’s 18 weeks till Christmas!!!!!!!
*evil laughter*

10 thoughts on “An English Country Garden

  1. Better start the Christmas Shopping then Evil One ;)
    Whose garden did you sneak into to take the phtos then?? Mine doesn’t look at all like that either. Have decided that I shall have Sweet Peas in pots in the front yard next summer. They really remind me of my Grandma and Grandad because they used to grow them. Plus they would look right out side my old house.

  2. That garden looks so beautiful! Frogs/toads are very interesting creatures. I think I would want to live in a garden like that if I were one. :D

  3. Beautiful garden. Mine has been sadly neglected this year, but we have some plans for next year.

    Oh and please, don’t mention the “C” word yet ;)

    Have a great weekend.

  4. That is such a beautiful garden Rachel – I so enjoy looking and absorbing English gardens, thank you! I had a gorgeous little wee limey-green frog a while back, but he’s disappeared, sadly; I love to hear the sounds of the different types of frogs – we have one over here that sounds like a motorbike and, of course, is called the motorbike frog!!!
    Joy x

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