Week 30: CAL Blocks #88 #89 #90


#88 Edwardian Fancy

5 1/2″ square

Another pattern blip: R2 ‘ join yarn B to any dc…1tr into next dc.” What dc? There are none. If this was an American book first and was translated into UK terms I’d understand this error…

R9: I did 2 tr, 2ch, 2 tr corners into 2 stitches as I had too many stitches left otherwise. Did you find this too, or was this my mistake?

A very pretty block, it would look lovely in pinks and blues.


#89 Spinner (I’d call this one ‘Bull’s eye’)

5 1/2″ square

A dense block, it would make a warm throw or blanket. I maybe wouldn’t give it to a very young child; you can imagine them wrecking it by poking fingers into the middle hole! IMG_2281

#90 Bright Triangles

6″ square – another huge diagonal increase/decrease block just like #1 Triangle Stripes

This block felt a bit like groundhog day as it’s so similar to the first block of the CAL. I used the same strategy of working out and writing down the stitch count for each row before the sets of 5 rows. Then I checked my stitches tallied at the end of the rows as it’s so easy to crochet into the starting chain otherwise without realising.IMG_2277

I took these photos in a rush before a last tidy up before family arrived for Easter Sunday lunch yesterday, that’s why they’re even more unruly than usual.


I hope you’re having a lovely Easter weekend.

Are you enjoying some chocolate? Unlike two of my friends who were having 1) WeightWatcher’s soup and rice cakes 2) a diet friendly roast (huh?) for their Easter Sunday lunch. Oh no! NO NO NO no! Feast days and holidays are just that in my book; times to enjoy a scrummy meal with family and friends without reserve. And that’s why I’ve eaten 4 peanut butter cups (I made bags of these for family Easter presents, with a few spares for us) for my breakfast today. Now what for lunch? A Cadbury’s creme egg, a Lindt bunny or a salted caramel mini egg?! :-D

15 thoughts on “Week 30: CAL Blocks #88 #89 #90

  1. A very co-ordinate set of blocks. Nice!
    As to #88. I thought there was another ‘mistake’ but couldn’t be bothered to look for it. :-) Still you did say originally I think that there was a list of mistakes in the US version so maybe getting this many patterns correct is hard.
    I did manage to get all four trs into the corner dc when doing row 9 but maybe my yarn is more stretchy than yours. Acrylic is pretty stretchy.

  2. I’m helping Mr P eat his chocolate egg with butterscotch pieces as I type, definitely with you on the feasts and holidays thing. And yes, also know all about small children poking their fingers into the centre of crochet blocks to, grrrrrr! It still happens here. Edwardian Fancy is gorgeous.

  3. Have them all !! I’m doing the 5:2 (akaThe Fast Diet) but I still had hot x buns and a Lindt bunny over the weekend,plus a huuuuge Easter Sunday roast dinner….and a few wines :) Today is my “fast day” ……500 cals to ‘play’ with ,but I don’t feel deprived in any way. Belated Happy Easter to you x

  4. I’m so jealous, I love the fact that your blocks look like blocks and are uniform in shape, can’t wait for mine to start looking someway like that. In total agreement on holiday ruling, otherwise what’s the point, the holiday becomes just a normal day otherwise :D

  5. Weight watchers wasn’t mentioned in my house over the 4 days of Easter. We had hot cross buns for breakfast and cake for lunch! Back to counting points again today. :-)

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