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20130304-110056.jpgAs you see The Fibreworks in Chipping Norton is crammed full of goodies. They offer a good selection of yarn and haberdashery as well as books and finished items to buy. Check out the workshops and knitting/crochet tuition, they have a lot going on all year round. You’ll get a friendly welcome and good advice as I found when I asked a few knitting questions recently.


So, the knitty gritty now; I’ve knitted the four pieces of my cabled bag but before I sew them together (what’s the best stitch? mattress? Back?) I need some technical advice please. A woolly bag is no good without a fabric lining, but how to make one? I’m so unconfident about sewing these days. I haven’t done any since I made skirts etc at school and that was – ahem – quite a while ago! The bag is very small so isn’t going to be in daily use or anything, but it helped me  to learn how to do my first cables and I can’t see the point of making something that can’t be used.

Help please! (Any cheats tips received, always happy to mail it to someone who can do the finishing for me too ;-P)

While I’m asking for advice – can anyone suggest a new header photo, or theme to bear in mind which goes with the blog name that I can use? I need some inspiration. It’s definitely time to have a spruce up and take down the photo of my notice board, especially as I’m having  a surge of new followers this year.

What are you making during these early days of Spring. Knitting, crochet, sewing or….?

20 thoughts on “Knitty gritty

  1. Looks like the bag is going to be two knitted pieces with seams down the side? I would imagine the lining would also be a ‘pocket’ with side seams, and the top edge folded over (wrong side to wrong side) and slipstitched into place. It’s certainly going to be very pretty!

  2. I would measure the peices before you sew it together then cut the fabric to match and sew it together the same way that you sew the wool with the fabric pattern facing each other on the seams and sewing the hems/ seams onto the wrong side and then tack it and slip stitch it to the wool. Hope that makes sense!

  3. That store looks great — I’m jealous! An I like the free Forever theme — that’s what I’m using and it’s pretty clean and simple while still having the necessities

      • Really? Ours look so different I didn’t think you had the same one! I’m glad they’re so customizable. I read somewhere that the less amount of space your title and header take up, the better, because then visitors can see the beginnings of your posts without having to scroll down (apparently people are less likely to stay if they have to scroll… weird). That’s why I made my header image just my site name in a cool font (Photoshop) and set the blog to not show the default site name. Dunno if it really works, but I like how it looks!

  4. That shop looks great (as does the knitting, of course). There’s a shop in town I haven’t visited yet…. Must try it out… Maybe put it on a post!

  5. I would use something that I had around the house that would only require closing such as an old t-shirt. That way you could just sew up the seem at the bottom and then attach it to the purse. Another idea of course is to just attach it to a reusable bag that you aren’t using anymore.

  6. Your bag will be amazing. I am sure you will get lots of great sewing tips you could always look on you tube as well. I would love to visit the yarn shop it looked to be full of treasures x

  7. Hi Rachael ,
    First I wanted to say I love the blocks you have been making. They are so very pretty.
    I have made hundreds of bags and I always go for the easy lining.
    I see the knitted/ crichet bag first ( I usually chose the invisible stitch because it gives a better , cleaner look). Then I measure the ban approximately and cut the lining to that measurement. Ten before I see it I put it on too of the bag and “visually” measure it”.
    I sew the pocket to the lining ( if you want one) see the lining, put the lining inside the bag and measure for accuracy. If needed make adjustments then.
    And voila an easy lining is made. I usually attach it to the bag sewing by hand as the wool is to thick for my machine and I sew it wit the same yarn I made the bag as to show it on the top.

    I hope it works for you:)
    Happy sewing !

  8. That does look like a lovely yarn shop.

    Re. your theme I’m afraid I can’t suggest an alternative, but could I say that I find having to click through to read newer but not older posts a bit backwards. You’re making readers work hardest to get at the newest content.

    Oh, and I’d use mattress stitch to seam that lovely little cabled bag, or you could crochet the sides together :)

    • I’m not sure what you mean? There’s a list of recent posts at the side and bottom of every page, there’s also the option to use the monthly archived lists and the calender at the bottom of the page where any posts are shown in green. You can also go to the ‘home’ page and see the most recent posts displayed.

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