Week 27: CAL Blocks #79 #80 #81

IMG_2213#79 Baltic Square

5 1/4″ square

Urgh! I dislike popcorns in baby cashmerino. I just think they look better in a proper DK thickness of yarn. I used a 3.5mm hook to see if they’d look tighter and sexier etc, but not. Alternatively, it might just be me and my inability to do them properly?


#80 Blocks and Shells

6 1/2″ W with my usual 4mm hook, so I changed to a 3.5mm hook (refreshing change actually) but it’s still a widey at 6″ w x 5 1/2″ h like the previous blocks #76 and #75.

This would be another good scarf pattern though there’s something a bit irritating about the multiple trebling into one treble, you might find it fiddly and not very fast to whip-up like scarves often can be (should this be re-christened MAL-CAL today? Moan along crochet along?! Sorry. I will pep it up with the next block.)IMG_2211#81 Sunshine and Showers

5 3/4″ (4mm hook)

My favourite in a long time, I like the flowery middle and it’s a sturdy block because you go around previous treble rounds in double crochet. This would be an excellent blanket block. A little darnarama and not speedy to crochet, but overall well worth the effort of making. Sometimes the things that take the longest time to create are the things most worth having.

S was working in Oslo for a week, came home for the equivalent of a long weekend and then shot off on a ten day trip to work in Hong Kong. He came home last night – hurray! (Though I really hate it when he texts me before take-off showing a photo of his two windows with a wooden windowsill with a pretake-off glass of Krug, from the First class cabin, and the ottoman that has room for someone else to sit at the table for dinner opposite and which later converts to a bed. Plus knowing there are only 5 other passengers in the cabin when I’m used to being packed into economy on long flights. It might be time for me to consider a career change? These messages are especially galling when I’m sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and a ham sandwich feeling a bit lil Orphan Annie!!!!!)

Anyway, I had to show you this Japanese ‘delicacy’ that he takes great glee in buying as a gift for my poor brother. S instructs me that you have use the Banzai voice to say its name. If you’re not familiar then don’t worry, it’s really not that funny!


Here are a couple of gifts S gave me after last year’s business trip to HK. At the time I was definitely a beginner crocheter but now I reckon I could dust them off and follow the symbol patterns.

What are you doing this weekend? Any fun plans for Mothers’ Day?

12 thoughts on “Week 27: CAL Blocks #79 #80 #81

  1. Hi love, I can’t believe you’re still going with this project, I’m impressed with your perseverance! I just thought I’d tell you that, after seeing a few squares that tooky fancy, I finally got around to investing in this book … I’m already planning a granny blanket for my middle girl, even though I’m still only half way through the ripple!! X

  2. Wow, there I am complaining about the couple of blocks I’ve done this week and I’ve only got see when looking at yours the blocks get harder. But hey I’m enjoying it love the colours on the last block :). Guess I need a bit more practice to be as good as you.

    • Patch and I have both found the CAL a really good way to learn new stitches (puff, popcorns and bobbles) develop pattern reading skills and generally develop our skills. Many of my blocks are wibbly, I’m an intermediate not advanced crocheter – just look at this week’s Baltic square for confirmation! I only really began to learn to crochet in 2011 so it’s not too shoddy.
      If it’s any help many on the CAL, and there were many many more at the beginning of the project, had issues with #1 which we thought didn’t bode well!

  3. Hope he’s collecting the air miles so you can go business class soon. I live in hopes. Tasty sausage!!!!!!!! Loving the last block and I agree the flower in the middle is great!

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