Blogalicious #4

This blog is GORGEOUS.

But I’m afraid that Posie Gets Cozy comes with some warnings……

  1. You may feel deeply inspired/ineffective and far less talented after reading, it could go either way
  2. You may want another house
  3. ….or camera
  4. to sign up for photography classes
  5. to buy bucket-loads of posh wool and beautiful fabrics
  6. a little weep that this isn’t your blog, house, talent….


It’s a bit like when I Googled ‘crochet’ in the Autumn of 2011, because I wanted to learn all about it, and stumbled on Lucy’s Attic24 blog. I spent days reading her blog from the first post to last. I commented on so many that Lucy emailed me a few times to remark on how my comments were bringing memories of the crochet/holiday/whatevers back. I feel like that about this blog; I want to settle down and read from the start (maybe without the stalky commenting element?!)

Of course it would be so much easier with an ipad and I did share an email I received last week that said: ‘Show someone you love them by buying them an ipad’ for Valentine’s Day’.

The reply?

“Go on then!”

Bah! :-D

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