Blogalicious #4

This blog is GORGEOUS.

But I’m afraid that Posie Gets Cozy comes with some warnings……

  1. You may feel deeply inspired/ineffective and far less talented after reading, it could go either way
  2. You may want another house
  3. ….or camera
  4. to sign up for photography classes
  5. to buy bucket-loads of posh wool and beautiful fabrics
  6. a little weep that this isn’t your blog, house, talent….


It’s a bit like when I Googled ‘crochet’ in the Autumn of 2011, because I wanted to learn all about it, and stumbled on Lucy’s Attic24 blog. I spent days reading her blog from the first post to last. I commented on so many that Lucy emailed me a few times to remark on how my comments were bringing memories of the crochet/holiday/whatevers back. I feel like that about this blog; I want to settle down and read from the start (maybe without the stalky commenting element?!)

Of course it would be so much easier with an ipad and I did share an email I received last week that said: ‘Show someone you love them by buying them an ipad’ for Valentine’s Day’.

The reply?

“Go on then!”

Bah! :-D

Blogalicious #3

Here’s another blog you really need to check out….

I loved this blog post (spot the bobbles?!) the other day. It made me want to walk in the woods, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows (I did) and create another hat.

I really do like the beautifully clear photos, style of writing, the purpley blog background (it’s just a bit different to the usual) and the crochet projects, of course. Check out Em’s Granny Square Snood the colours are so autumnal and gorgeous.

Check out Lulu Loves and add it to your blog list as it’s just so damn good looking!


The End



A hot water bottle cover for Vikki, as requested.

Saturday morning: Bake 2 Devil’s Food cakes

Saturday afternoon: Darn the ends in (lots of them!) and crochet the two HWBC pieces together. Find buttons. Arghh! I have mainly white, black and navy from old shirts etc. Nothing funky or bright. Use little transparent flower shaped Mollie Makes giveaway buttons. Write ‘buttons’ on my Christmas wishlist.

Saturday evening: Drop off the cover (plus the hot water bottle I’d borrowed from Vikki last weekend, so it fit perfectly) at the stage door of a West End Theatre in London making my best ‘It’s a VERY cool thing in a jiffy bag actually’ face. Three minutes later get a call from V saying thank you, she loves it. Phew! Very bright stripes may not be for everyone so I’m relieved.

Run to the tube with S. to meet friends and go to the Hammersmith Apollo for a charity comedy gig for tigers with ZSL .

That was a very good day. :-D

Posted on Facebook this morning with the caption “So, Rachel crocheted me this yummy water bottle cover, and it was immediately stolen by the cat. Predictable.”

If you want to check out V’s blog I recommend it. It’s a mix of writing and craft. Not the usual ‘everyone’s making X and so I am too’ stuff, most are unique creations. It’s cool. Very cool. Well, what do you expect from someone who works on one of the hottest London shows doing pyrotechnics and stuff?

Blogalicious! #2

I have to share this blog with you, just in case you don’t know about its fabulous-ness!

Cassie is an art teacher in the USA, she is also a stunningly talented sewer with a vintage dress addiction. This is a lady with a great sense of humour, she must surprise and amaze the kids with her outfits on a daily basis. If you think I exaggerate or you don’t believe me take a look at her 1970s Dorky Teacher skirt

Or see the I-See-London-I-See-France dress!

I can’t wait to read her promised future post on her closet space since she admits she never throws away anything, and has clothes she bought and wore in high school!

I think I have a girl crush! :-D

PS: I forgot to mention that Cassie will also introduce you to designers and artists, you will learn lots!


I discovered this blog According to Matt and I LOVE it!

  •  the colours of the blog: the simple white background and the glorious photos
  • the straightforward writing style
  • also I admit it’s the fact that I’ve found male crocheters whose stuff I actually like (nice colours, designs, enthusiasm and inspiration plus plus plus, and aren’t they easy on the eye too? ;-p)

Have a look at this, this is the winner for me, a gorgeous blanket…though I also love this thick grey ripple blanket. There’s even a tutorial for learning how to crochet a jammy dodger! I grew up eating those yummy biscuits.

Do share some of the blogs you love with me below, I click on people’s side-bars but I think more current links are neglected to be added sometimes.


This week I’ve had some tea breaks, using my pint mug which says ‘the bigger the better’ around it (!) and worked on:

PS: I cleaned the tannin stains off my mug yesterday, in case you keen eyed clean-freaks noticed them :-D