Another vintage haul

I’m back! Isn’t it grey here? We’ve been wearing t-shirts and sandals, drinking wine/beer and eating freshly caught grilled sardines/sea bream/bass with salad and new potatoes outside in sun-filled squares in Lisbon. It feels like I’ve been dropped straight back into a wad of cold grey cotton wool.

But I’ve had another great haul of crochet magazines (with a few cross stitch and embroidery mags thrown in for good measure) sent to me by a friend whose Mum is still having a major sort out. There are some classic pictures that I just have to show you.

I think this might be past it’s best as there’s a very solid little lump in the packet where there should be granules, but it’s good to know you can get shampoo for needlework

This could be a nice throw or shawl in modern colour(s) and yarn, what do you think?

Well, look at that…

“Hey babe…come back to my place and see my crochet”
Notice anything particularly wrong with the photo? (Apart from all of it.)

This is not my lighting making shiny reflections on the photo, this is what it looks like! Do we think the peppers are real or plastic?

And another! You never see these as a setting for crochet now, to give scale or as decoration.

It’s just occurred to me that I should do some Googling to see if Crochet Monthly still exists.

How are you? What are your days like at the moment?

9 thoughts on “Another vintage haul

  1. Sounds a great trip. I am envious. :-)
    Great haul of magazines too. Quite a few crochet items using pineapples.
    When I was a child in the fifties and sixties, houses were like that. We had crochet antimacassars with a dragon design and dressing table sets in every bedroom plus a pineapple design mat under the fruit bowl in the dinning room. Oh yes! and crochet drink mats, and a runner on the trolley. And my mum had made most of them herself. Later there were bedspreads and I still have mine.

    • Pineapples were historically used as a sign of hospitality, you can still see them on the tops of grand old pairs of gate posts and over roofs and on staircases. It’s interesting that they were incorporated into crochet decorations too.

  2. Oh endless hours of fun looking through these. And how attitudes have changed! They must have done their photo shoots in a furniture showroom…. Might account for why there is absolutely nothing in the cupboard!?

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