Week 8: CAL Blocks #21 #22 #23

#21 ‘Blue Shades’
Garish shades actually, knowingly made bright and a bit clashing, but it’s an antidote to the grey roof outside. I like it actually, though wasn’t sure at the time of making.
This is an ingenious pattern; I assumed we’d be increasing from the bottom up and out, like other corner squares, but it’s decreasing top down. I say ‘square’ but this is going to take some blocking to achieve that!

20121026-134423.jpg#22 St Petersburg
I’ve read on a Ravelry forum that front post crochet can often pull the work inwards, this was a relief to read. This is my first time doing front and back post crochet and it’s quite fun. I like the warmth of the block as this technique makes a thicker fabric than other stitches.
The colour combo in the book is not the best in my opinion as it makes it look like the maker used a variegated yarn and the stitches and texture don’t show up very well, completely different colours ie: red and green and a charcoal grey might have been more effective?
I’ve added an extra round of dcs to bring it up to a 6″ square – well it is when it’s pinned out. This is the first time I’ve added another round to a block and think it’s a nice band of border.

#23 Bars and Diamonds
Not a nice one to make. Horrid! I hated crocheting trebles into the side of another; it was fiddly and annoying. I did enjoy listening to the last part of this audio book during the process, it’s superbly read by the author and made me laugh and cry. (Trying not to sob over the death of a horse when in the smart business class section on the flight home from Lisbon was not a good look.) I like the look of the pattern but will avoid repeating this technique numerous times in one design in the future!

Terrible photos I know, all taken at the same space of time but the light is so variable (poor mainly!) that the table looks different in every shot!
I think we’ve lost some block makers on the CAL now, or at least they’ve completely disappeared out of view since the first few blocks. It is a bit of a big project and easy to get behind on, that’s not a problem as anyone can join or rejoin whenever they’re ready. I’m enjoying it still but the thought that at 2-3 blocks a week it will be going on till June is a bit daunting!

How are you getting on?

If not crocheting along with us what are you up to at the moment?

7 thoughts on “Week 8: CAL Blocks #21 #22 #23

  1. Your squares look great. I’m one of those who have fell off the wagon a bit. But I know I can catch up quickly when I’m ready to start up again. At the moment I have a grey sweater I want to finish and I’m playing with the crochet thread I won. I’m sure you’ll understand ;)

  2. When I did my own post I forgot to mention how I felt about crocheting into the side of a treble. Once I had worked out which loops to crochet into I found it straightforward but like you I can’t say it’s something I would want to repeat. The colours look good for all of your squares. ‘Christmas’ next!

  3. I was impressed by the Blue Shades block too. Like you I had assumed it was from the middle out so much learning done there. Mines quite wonky looking too – glad I’m not the only one! My st. Petersburg is half done and… Interesting. Front and back post trebles were new to me too and I totally agree about the example in the book – doesn’t show it clearly at all.

  4. I don’t think your colours are garish, I think they are vibrant! I haven’t done a Rachel square for a while now but the book is still on the side of my couch and my basket of wool at the foot of the lamp. I’ll carry on soon…. please don’t cross me off the list! :-)

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