Week 7: CAL Blocks #19 #20

#19 Lacy Cross
I counted each corner section at the end of a round because I’d missed out a stitch on one and had a hanging hook with nothing to crochet into for the following round!  So, I wrote this stitch count for the corners as the pattern increases by 4st each time:

This is a really pretty square and I can imagine a whole lightweight throw made of them.

#20 Colourful Bobbles
Oh well, this picture says it all….42 ends to darn is a wasteful shame of such lovely posh wool, plus it’s a real pain and takes any enjoyment out of making the block away. As the organiser of the CAL I feel I have to do the blocks as they are, but did laugh at one CALer’s thinking (see athlyn’s photo on this Ravelry thread.)

I used the finish-the-last-stitch-with-the-new-colour method which usually works well, but in this block you can see a spot of colour to the left of each bobble.

I’m glad I wasn’t trying to replicate Jan Eaton’s exact colours as her a,b,c method doesn’t work so well when you’re a leftie. Basically if you look at the bottom right bobble that was my first as I work from L-R on the FR, turn and the bottom right bobble ends up being the first. If you’re a rightie and are furrowing your brow; don’t worry, it’s ok. I can say confidently that I’ll never make this again!

As anticipated the round block is smaller than the rows one. That’s fine I’m not worrying till it’s time to decide how to use them all. I had a message from someone who had given up the CAL after the first two blocks; when she realised they were all going to be different sizes. Oh dear.

I’m off to a (fingers crossed) sunny place today so will crochet #21 when I’m back next week. I’m going cold turkey – NO CROCHET! A knitting fiction book that I’m halfway through will be my sort-of substitute. I need a bit of a crochet holiday after completing those blankets and that bobble block!
I haven’t read the crochet mystery yet. I need brainless, easy reading at the moment as I plod on with academic reading and writing for my research dissertation. (Don’t ask.)


How are you finding this crochet along? Is it still fun and enjoyable, or feeling like homework yet? Any blocks you’re dreading making?

Have a good end of the week and relaxing weekend :-D

6 thoughts on “Week 7: CAL Blocks #19 #20

  1. Think the round block will stretch out more than the rows one though, so will be nearer in size when blocked, maybe? I’m still enjoying it, but am a tiny bit behind this week… It’s all go here… Little J’s birthday coming up, job interview on Monday… Hope you are going somewhere nice and that you get lots of academic stuff done.

  2. I’m a bit confused. I’ve done 4 blocks now, and they are all the same size, but I keep seeing people saying how the sizes are different. Those blocks look quite lovely!

  3. Oh dear, I seem to have fallen behind, I think my last block was 13 or 14? But I look forward to carrying on, and get very inspired by the rest of you. That different-coloured puffball thing certainly looks stunning but I don’t think it’s going to be my cup of coffee. :-)

  4. I am a bit behind this week but should be able to do a post tomorrow. Just lots of ends to finish! I am enjoying it more now I have got into it and feel I am learning a lot so thank you very much for suggesting it. I don’t think any of the blocks looks as bad as no. 11 (baby blocks)! :-) but I know I will enjoy the ones that are similar less than the more lacy flowery ones.

  5. After our trip I am in full catch up with my CAL- the good thing is reading the posts and seeing the solutions to the problems everyone else has come up with before I tackle the blocks. Mine are all different sizes- sometimes I alter them to get them to be 6″ square, mostly I don’t mind they will come in for something! Baby Blocks was hard, but I got there! Cal post- next week- enjoy your hols. I can’t tell you how much I missed my crochet hook!

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