Prachi’s bag

Backdated crochet post for good reason, it was a surprise for Prachi:

In the first week of July, or so, I made this little crocheted bag using Planet Penny cotton because I have a contact, Prachi, who is a trainee lawyer. She had recently moved to a remote, tribal district in Gujarat, India as part of a new job. The place she moved to lacks basic facilities (apparently running water is a luxury) and it’s very different from the city life to which she is used. Prachi had found a small, cosy place in which to live but was feeling very lonely. She was trying to make her new accommodation a home and really likes handmade items; and so I offered to crochet something of her choice.

After having a look at some of my crochet here she asked for a bag with a few specific requests:

::Could it be ‘holey look’ crochet

::A bag about the size of a kindle would be perfect

::Something she could sling across her on walks

::A bag to carry her wallet, mobile phone and keys (so not too holey then, I thought!)

::A bright stripey bag

I looked around at patterns but none were quite what she described. I decided to make my own design. My first ever off-the-cuff crocheted item. It’s pretty basic and was easy as anything to make in a granny stripe of clusters of trebles (I’ve really come on with this crochet lark I realise, I’ve definitely got the basics now!) but it’s still my work.

Here it is:

I toyed with the idea of lining it, but frankly I’m so unconfident about that kind of sewing that I decided it would be ok without. It’s sturdy and doesn’t have that much ‘give’ being cotton and is a fairly dense material as I used a 3.5 hook, so should be ok and not saggy.

To make the (very pink!) strap I made a lengthy chain, then double crocheted back along the row – very, very fiddly stuff. For strength I crocheted one end of the strap to the bag, then double crocheted all along the strap again until it could be crocheted to the other end.I have some nice buttons in my collection but decided that it might spoil the look of the front and the flap’s heavy enough to stay flapped over. A button can always be added. I’m happy to post a little chain for the loop.

But here’s the thing: I posted this on 9th July. I’ve waited and waited to hear from Prachi and just know she’d be super fast in getting in touch to say she’s received it. There’s maybe still time for it to arrive I guess. I’ll be sooo disappointed if it never turns up in India and am beginning to feel it might not, so have written this blog post so at least Prachi can see her bag, know she was thought of and the promise was promptly kept.

Fingers crossed it arrives please! :-D

15 thoughts on “Prachi’s bag

  1. I liked how you described your pattern, very detailed. I could never really understand normal patterns, the abbreviations always confuse me for some reason. I really like your bag, lots of vibrant colors. I hope your friend receives your bag. :)

  2. The bag is sooo lovely. I do hope it arrives also:) I know exactly how you feel. My family lives in Brazil and sometimes my packages don’t arrive there. It is very rare I have to say…I have sent a package over a month ago … But when they get it … It’s soooo happy. I think you should have hope because sometimes even if it takes a long time … When they get it it’s sooo special. I’m sure she will feel happy, appreciated and most of all loved ! I’m praying she gets it :)

  3. It’s gorgeous Rachell, your crochet work is beautifully neat – actually it’s perfect. Lovely colours too. I have a bag of planet penny cotton (after reading your post about it lol – you have a lot to answer to!!!!) but I haven’t used it yet for myself. I ‘stole’ small amounts for a flower commission as the colours were perfect. I hope your bag arrives safely, Lynne

  4. It is lovely. I have been to Gujarat and I can imagine her walking round carrying it. Perfect. Indian people are often highly efficient but also often do things in their own time so I am sure your parcel is not lost but it could take longer than expected to get there!

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