It’s happened again???

I’ve been merrily crocheting the edges of each coloured alternative granny target square in cream, in groups of 5 at a time. I’ve completed the last today and now have 100. Hurray! Gold medal in crochet for Team GB please :-D

But how can it have happened that I now have 100 squares worth of ends to darn? Oh how can this have happened again??? I thought I’d learnt back in May that to darn as you go is the very best thing….

Sorry Brits, I think I might have put us out of the medal category. Boo!

11 thoughts on “It’s happened again???

  1. Lol! I am having the very same problem with my current crochet project too! Not like me eh? I was just too excited and wanted to get on with it and get it done I didn’t want to waste time darning in the ends. So now I am having to plough through it so I can put the finishing touches to it. It is much smaller than your 100 squares though – phew!

  2. But the squares look sooooo pretty ! The combination of colors is just brilliant!
    When I make squares I weave the ends in while I’m crocheting so this way I usually only have the very last color to sew in… ( You can see that in a small tutorial that I put on my blog)
    This blanket will be gooooorrrrgeouss! :)

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