Sleeping beauty and the kiss of crochet

I’ve started doing some cross stitching for the first time in a very, very  long time and am enjoying it. It’s funny though because I was always a bit down on cross stitching because I thought it relatively skill-less when I was younger. I used to do tapestry and embroidery more in those days. I’m working up to more sewing but have lost confidence through lack of practice and have forgotten lots of techniques. I also need to take a refresher on using a sewing machine since I have forgotten the teeny leetle bit I used to know.

I had to drive cross-country to work for about eight years and all the gear changes really aggravated my elbow, and so I actually gave up everything crafty. I just packed my hoops, frames, wools, threads, needles and books away. Then I got into study and stuff which left no time. I feel like sleeping beauty in lots of ways where craft is concerned as I didn’t do any for most of a decade. It seems extreme now, but I really was in pain at the time and used to find that even stirring cooking and cutting out with scissors aggravated it.
It’s much better nowadays and learning to crochet, then discovering the world of craft blogs, has awakened a gradual desire to try my hand at different skills again. It’s really exciting!

 I’d forgotten I had so many threads, fabrics and books tucked away. These books are now on the shelf here in the Little Room with my crochet and knitting ones, it’s becoming a bit of a library. S saw these and exclaimed ‘Una Stubbs?!!’ Well…yes….Una Stubbs. Now playing Mrs Hudson in Sherlock
And there she is going strong playing his landlady, bless her. I originally knew her from Aunt Sally in Worzel Gummidge.  I wonder if she’s still sewing in between filming?
I’m not sure whether there’s a law of cross stitching (or, x stitching as it’s now known as in the 21st C version of kool crafts) as in all the stitches must universally go in a particular direction, but figure as I’m a leftie the top stitch goes L-R diagonally and as long as all stitches are in the same direction it’s ok. You see; I really have lost my mojo….!
 …Obviously quite  a close-up! The holes aren’t this big I promise…
Back to Crochet
On another tack; I was wondering about starting a CAL – a crochet along – here as I’ve owned this superb book for a while now but haven’t used it apart from for referencing stitches and techniques. Would you be interested in making 2-3 squares (or fewer? Is that too many?) with me a week?
Obviously you will need to get hold of a copy of the book since I can’t post patterns here as I would be infringing copyright. It seems to be a book that many crochet fans already own, and is very easy to get hold of too. See the book link to the right of this page>>>>
I thought I could post links to your blog and photos of the completed squares as we go on a weekly basis, maybe at the beginning of the following week?
I’ve run the idea by (clever) Patch who has suggested having a colour theme such as: Sea and Sand, Moonlight and Stars or Autumn Leaves. I love it! I’m drawn to Autumn Leaves since I wanted to make a blanket for my living room which ties in with my favourite rug there. It’s reddy, brownie, yellowy-goldy coours. BUT I can set up a poll for votes and alternative suggestions. I’m all for democracy. Once the theme is decided we would buy our own choice of colours, according to the theme, and type of yarns then compare notes.
Would you be interested in doing a CAL with me? I’m enthused by the idea since I haven’t got a social crochet group together yet, and this is a step in the right direction, albeit online. I’ve also never taken part in a CAL before either. pLeAsE sAy YES!
It’s holiday season so I reckon the best time to begin would be the first week of September, but that depends on you. It’s a busy going back to school week for many, but then you’ll probably need the meditative power of crochet and the sharing of progress in a social crochet kind of way won’t you?
To finish I wanted to show you this beautiful creature. I opened the curtains the other morning and there he was sitting on ‘his’ shed roof enjoying the morning sun. He’s either Ziggy or Spike, I can never remember and can’t ask my neighbour again!

20 thoughts on “Sleeping beauty and the kiss of crochet

  1. I think seeing everyone’s variations on a colour theme could be really interesting. All the same but all different. Hmmmmm…. Autumn leaves…. Better watch out for eggs and beans though ;)

  2. Oh a CAL sounds lovely! I would love to join, I have never taken part in a CAL either. I would vote on a sea theme and blues and greens really are my kind of colours but would be happy to go along with whatever the masses choose. :)

  3. Gosh you have been busy since school broke up!! I love the idea of a CAL … I’m just wondering about when I would fit it in … let me see how much progress I make with my ripple over the holidays, a granny square blanket could be my next blanket project …

  4. I would be interested in doing a crochet along for sure!! Not taken part in one before. If people don’t want to do specific colours maybe we could pick a block from the book and then pick our own colours…

    It is so cool that you have started doing embroidery, I did it for a while when I was younger and have been considering trying again.

    Jen x

    • I think the idea with CALs is that you all work on the same block(s) or pattern at the same time, otherwise there’s not much discussion or linking to others’ work. I’m predictable so thought we’d start at block number one and go in order, especially as I just know I’d choose the easiest looking ones first otherwise and leave the hardest to the end which wouldn’t be much fun ;-p
      I like the idea of a general theme to focus the project, but the specific colour choices within that are up to the individual. It’s going to be great to see people’s take on colours, shades and choices of yarn. I’ll set up a vote for themes in the second week of August. :-)

      • I think starting at the front and working our way through would be good.. there are so many in the book that I want to try!! I think its difficult to pick just one or two!!
        i look forward to casting my vote… on another note I bought some cross stitich stuff the other day.. waiting for it to arrive now :D

  5. Hi Rachel, I’ll definately join your CAL. Going away for abit but will try and keep checking for updates. Any ideas when you will be starting?
    Esther – handmadewithlove-esther

    • Great!

      I’ve sent you an email so you can vote on your favourite theme, or you can just reply using the contact form on my ‘Hello’ page. I’ll announce the winning theme on Tuesday 28th August. We’ll start on 1st September.

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