Blooming thing

I have finished my blooming flower cushion, well thought I had anyway…
After I’d dc-ed the edges together at the beginning of the week, around the sumptuous feather cushion pad I bought from a seller on Ebay, I realised that the joins of the red rounds in the middle are quite not very good. B****r!!!!
I’m going to have re-do it I think. It’s going to be a present along with the Rainbow Granny Stripe blanket but even if it wasn’t I don’t like knowing its not very good.

I have yet another cold this year, I haven’t had so many for years. I can’t believe it. The new Let’s Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet magazine was going to help operation cheer-up Rachel this morning, but wasn’t in Sainsbury’s this morning. Boo.





9 thoughts on “Blooming thing

  1. Hi ! Don’t be so hard on yourself – I think the cushion looks great; I’d be happy to receive a gift like that. Hope your cold gets better soon.

  2. The cushion is EXQUISITE. If someone gave it to me as a gift, I wouldn’t know how to thank them. And now, damn it, I’m going to have to try and make one myself…. it is too beautiful for words.

  3. I think it’s fabulous! Trust me . . . no one is going to be looking at the joins in the center. It will make a perfect gift just the way it is. If you feel that strongly, maybe you could try an Irish Crochet Rose in the middle (or something) instead of tearing all that lovely work out.

    Oh, would you mind terribly giving us a link to the seller of the cushion? I have been wanting to make some pillows myself and would love to give a fellow etsian some of my business instead of a ‘big box’ chain store.

  4. Hi Rachel I think the cushion looks great… I wouldn’t tear it all out if not absolutely necessary. I agree with the comment above, maybe if you are really not very happy with it you could make a rose for the middle? Whatever, you decide to do, the cushion is still fab! (I have it on my list of things to crochet, I love it).

    I was hoping to read your review of Let’s Get Crafting before I bought it…..!! but have you bought ‘Simply Crochet’ – that is also really rather good!

    Hope you are feeling better very soon :)

  5. Oh no, sounds like you’re a bit blue and even your beautiful cheery cushion isn’t doing its ‘cheering you up’ job properly … I’ve been sooo under the weather this week too, my hayfever has been keeping me miserable and I have a list of things to do that is as long as my arm … top of the list is to finally get another blog post written, my busy mum roll is preventing progress at the moment! Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Hi I have just found your blog, I am looking forward to having a good nose about. Enjoying your beautiful colour explosions so far :)
    With home made gifts you have to take the little eccentricities that make it a home made gift. If it was perfect people may be fooled into thinking you bought it and just claim it as your own (not that I think anyone would be so mean as to think such a think but stick with me on this). The cushion looks gorgeous and wonderfully home made. No one but the maker would even notice a slight defect which is only visible under close scrutiny. It is beautiful and will make a beautiful gift. Nowadays people are very lucky to receive home made gifts. A truly dying art.

    Be happy and proud with your work. looking forward to seeing more :) x

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