Blooming ripples

This weekend in free minutes I’ve been…

…working some more rows of the Rhubarb Ripple now my order from Deramores has arrived (a mere two days after ordering online)

…And trying my hand at Lucy’s blooming flower cushion. It’s very fast to make in all its gaudy loveliness. I thought it could be an accompaniment to the rainbow Granny Stripe blanket when it’s given as a fourth birthday present later in the summer.

The ripple is in an Orla Kiely designed bag sold to raise funds for a children’s cancer charity. It was sold in Tesco’s a year or so ago. There is another one of her designs for sale at the moment if you have a Tesco’s nearby. They’re only £4 and really sturdy strong bags for carrying shopping, storing large crochet blankets in progress (and wool), books or whatever. I admit I bought the newest bag a few days ago. It’s lovely.

I’ve been nominated recently for various blogger awards and would like to say that I take this as a real compliment, thank you very much. :-D

11 thoughts on “Blooming ripples

  1. I do love your rhubarb ripple, it’s very beautiful in its rhubarb-ness. Cushion looks complicated. I did a double flower one time and managed to get it back to front on the first go and had to try again…. Doesn’t take much to confuse me!

  2. I love the colours of your Rhubarb Ripple and the Flower cushion. The Flowers cushion looks particularly impressive. I tried to just ‘like’ this post but WordPress seemed unwillingly to add me to the three previous ‘like’s – strange.

  3. That bag is amazing! It’s times like these I wish that I still lived in England. I shall place an “order” with my cousin in York and have her post me one :-)

    Love your ripple. I have a GIANT ripple lined up in my “to do” list but have to get a couple of “commissioned” (by family) blankets done first. They are boring beige colours, so once they’re done it will be time for something colourful!

  4. Gorgeous colours for your ripple blanket. I’m trying to finish a quilt but keep getting sidetracked! You’re tempting me to make another ripple blanket.

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