An urge to knit

I haven’t knit anything since the purple and green scarves I made last winter, but I’ve had such an urge to pick up the knitting sticks that I’ve started a little project.

The pattern is in issue 41 of Let’s Get Crafting magazine. It looks like a simple rib but it’s a bit more interesting to knit than that; it’s fisherman’s rib and you go into the space below the stitch for the knit part of the rib. It’s a knit one below (k1b) stitch and makes a very ‘springy’ fabric.

I’ve never used bamboo needles before and it makes me think that if I was stranded with wool and only a pair of japanese chopsticks (pointier ends than their Chinese counterparts) then I could knit up a scarf…

I don’t actually own an ereader, I’m an old fashioned paper and ink sort of girl. I’ll have to offer the finished item to someone who does.

I prefer the green in the magazine but I used it all on the summer flower garland, so I’ve used the other green in the pack. Not so nice but the Stylecraft DK I have isn’t as thick, even though both are technically DK.

I have to admit that this superb little fruity item might have inspired my urge to knit. Have a look if you haven’t ever seen Meredith’s One Sheepish Girl blog.

9 thoughts on “An urge to knit

  1. Just looked up Meredith’s blog – she so funny! Thanks for the tip off :o) I’ve never got past straight things in knitting – I should really give it more of a shot oneday as the results are so lovely … if you don’t have an ereader yourself, why not do a giveaway to your readers, I’m sure it would be popular as its rather smashing …? xxx

    • I really like her photographs; think she’s got some talent there.
      Isn’t that strawberry delicious? I would love to be to knit that, but apart from the scarves and a few dishcloths haven’t knitted anything since I was a teen and made little jumpers and cardigans!
      I have to say actually it’s made me realise how much better I am at crocheting and how much more I enjoy it. I never did get the hang of holding the wool properly and needles underneath rather than on top, so I’m a bit awkward and slow. When you’ve grown up with a champion knitter for a Mum it makes you very aware of your own deficiencies.

      • I so know what you mean, I just cannot get the holding needles and wool thing going smoothly, it just feels so awkward compared to crochet, which is so weird considering the length of time I have been crocheting …
        p.s. for me it was my dear granny and one of my aunts who were the champion knitters, my mum was the champion sewer – another area where I am deficient!

  2. That is so interesting that we are in the same wave link… Just yesterday I posted about knitting also… I have been feeling the urge to knit and just lived to get my needles and the calming feeling that it gives me… So happy!
    I love using wood needles. They make me feel like I have more control and my knitting dies not slide as much!!! I just love knitting and was happy I picked it up again. Have Fun!

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