Ok…now I get it

I’m on the last leg of my Rainbow Granny Stripe blanket and my fingers are itching to complete the border. BUT I have to darn those pesky ends in! I still like darning in, it feels soothing and productive, but actually I just want them gone at this point so I can carry on crocheting! I understand why people advise to darn as you go…
As you see the hook is chasing the darning needle around the last edge!


12 thoughts on “Ok…now I get it

  1. Yup, I decided to darn as I went with mine. I just know that if I would wait I’d just be to darn (bahahahaha..) exhausted to do it all at the end! Your blanket is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it all finished!! :)

  2. Oh it’s looking very beautiful. The edge is really making it look finished. I meant to save a ball of wool/yarn before I started mine to use for the edge. But then I forgot (the sieve struck again!) and started using it all. So I may have to buy another for the edging.

  3. I always end up saying the same thing to myself – next time I will do the ends as I go. But sadly, I never actually do and end up cursing myself for my laziness as I head toward the end of every project! Looks like you are well on the way though…

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  5. It’s looking gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the end result. I hate ends too, but know crochet them in as I go and saves sooo much time. Looks like a tutorial might be in order!

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