Rainbow Granny Stripe – FINISHED!

After the first row of edging…

And this morning…

Folded in half…

The blanket is laid across a king-sized bed here, just to give you a sense of its size.

Just before Easter I asked a certain 3 year old what her favourite colours are, and without hesitation she told me ‘Yellow….pink…..and purple.’ That’s why I’ve used these particular colours for the edging.

Now I’ll put the surprise blanket away until August when she turns 4. I imagine I will be starting another Rainbow Granny Stripe in the Autumn for her sister’s 6th birthday!

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Granny Stripe – FINISHED!

  1. Ahhhh it is amazing. Isn’t it a lovely feeling when you have finished such a big project and you look down at it and it looks so good. Well done, I am sure that the 4 year old will love it, what a great idea for a present.

  2. It’s gorgeous. How much wool/yarn (yool? warn?) did you need for your edge roughly?? Am wondering about mine. Not sure I could give it away either.

  3. Thank you for all your lovely comments!
    It stays in ‘the family’ so I’ll get to visit it from time to time :-)

    Patch: not much warn (!) at all was used for the edging- sorry that’s not very specific but I just used more of whatever I had that was leftover, in the three favourite colours.

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