Flower pincushion

I decided that I needed a new upstairs (The Little Room!) pin-cushion so made this the other day.

The floating pincushion could carry on doing sterling work downstairs. I’m umm errr darning in the ends of the little pieces I’ve made for my *cough* *cough* 3rd/4th blanket at the moment.

I know…. “Hi, I’m Rachell and I’m addicted to starting multiple projects.”

See why it’s been christened the floating pc now?! (Here’s the original blog post)

The plan for the rainbow granny stripe is to take it, and only it, away on trip #1 soon.

Maybe for trip #2 I might take the alternative granny squares, the rhubarb ripple or the new spring flowers ‘squares,’ or maybe I will have some time off crochet?! Hmmm but bad shopping things may happen if I do the latter. I am remembering this earlier in the year.


9 thoughts on “Flower pincushion

    • TY.
      I finish (most….the Hilton crochet is sitting in a bag but that’s because am not entirely sure what I want to make, or how to turn them into a bag) projects but get so enthused by trying new patterns because I’m newish to crochet.
      It’ll probably wear off I imagine!

  1. Hi,

    Looks very nice. The pincushion was the exact next thing I wanted to make from my flower pattern, what a coincidence! Did you have some time to look at my pattern? No pressure, but I’m longing to list it in my shop, people are asking for it.


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