Crochet as a meditation


I was really hoping that the blogger who wrote the post I referred to yesterday, about how to turn crochet into a mindful meditative activity, would post a link.  I’ve received quite a few comments expressing an interest in reading about the subject, but just couldn’t remember where I’d seen it….

Thanks Jess of  JP’s Crochet Blog for reminding me it was yours.

Also, for my own interest I’m reminding myself of Jess’s useful page on reading reading charts.


2 thoughts on “Crochet as a meditation

  1. Thanks for the link. The church I attend has a quilting group that makes quilts for unwed mothers. Alas, quilting is not my thing, but I would love to start a crochet circle! However, those things become a lot more about the fellowship than meditation. :) I personally do find crocheting meditative, though. If the project is mindless, it’s easy to get into a rhythm and then use the time to think and pray. This is probably one of the reasons I love it so much!

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